Napolitano: Intel Chief Didn’t Need to Know about UK Terrorist Bust

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is trying to explain why National Intelligence Director Chief James Clapper didn’t know about a huge terrorist bust in the UK recently – and that explanation is: Clapper didn’t need to know, and the fact that he didn’t know is nothing more than a Public Relations failure.

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According to both Clapper and Napolitano, Clapper was busy working on the START Treaty, which at this time has little to do with defending our homeland, but provides a good diversion for those with a willing suspension of disbelief. Like Democrats. Who are disbelieving of a War on Terror.

Clapper’s job, according to his own website, is to serve as the principal advisor to the President of the United States. The goal of the department is to “effectively integrate foreign, military and domestic intelligence.”

Who was advising the President when Clapper should have, but was busy elsewhere? How does Clapper “effectively integrate foreign intelligence” when he has no knowledge of the specific foreign intelligence?

Napolitano’s explanation:

“I knew. John Brennan knew. We also knew there was no connect that had been perceived to anything going on in the homeland and that we were in perfect connectivity with our colleagues in Britain,” she said. “So one of the things I think that should be very clear to the American people is that those of us in Homeland Security who needed to know, we knew.”

Why brief Clapper? The advisor to the President didn’t have a need to know. Napolitano indicates there was no U.S. connectivity to the terrorist plotting in the UK, and besides she and Brennan were ‘on it.’

In the Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that Clapper’s “failure to know” is “excusable.”

The reason this is excusable is that the London plots apparently were not directed against American targets.

But when the Underpants Bomber flashed-fired his scrotum on a NW flight readying to land in Detroit, the U.K. was very interested. But even more interested was the U.S. which claimed the UK failed to tell us the would-be-bomber had been refused  a UK visa. Nevertheless, Big Sis told us “the system worked”  for Abdulmutallab. Americans were incredulous. What? The system worked? Hardly. The passengers aboard the flight overpowered him, and they may been only minutes or seconds away from disaster.

PR failures are rampant within Homeland Security and National Intelligence.

The terror bust was reported in the UK in the wee hours of December 21st. The interview with Sawyer was the evening of December 22nd. No one knew the full story of the “connectivity” of the 12 men arrested at that time. The news was still breaking – is still breaking.

Senior UK security said the arrest of the 12 was “hugely significant.” No doubt the UK arrests will provide an abundance of “intelligence” for all fighting the War on Terror. If the War on Terror is not something you believe in, then it wouldn’t be so significant, or urgent, would it? After all the START Treaty was awaiting the president’s National Security Director’s attention…the treaty we bounded forth to pass without reading, that Russia is reading and putting on the shelf until sometime in December.

The first video below is the more recent, with Napolitano saying Clapper didn’t need to know about the UK arrests, and the second video is the original interview with Diane Sawyer with National Intelligence Director James Clapper admitting he knew nothing about the arrests.

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