Morning News/Views 12-19-10 @ Maggie’s Notebook

Some important news and views you may have missed.

Merry Christmas

Do you know about abortion scams that have nothing to do with having an abortion? A scam that may be coming to your neighborhood? I didn’t until…I received Vanderleun’s The Stranger Knocking at My Door. I hope you will read this very personal and poignant article. Thanks to Larwyn!

LD at Political Realities is talking about the difference between earmarks and pork. There is a decided difference. LD links to Spellchek which is where the conversation began. The difficult thing to understand is that when an earmark (which can be pork) is proposed and then the bill is amended and the earmark is removed, the money doesn’t go back in the pot. It goes into Obama’s stash. It’s hard to believe, but that is the way it works. ‘Pork’ can never be a legitimate earmark. My U.S. senator, Jim Inhofe voted against banning earmark,s and I spent some intense time on the phone with his office trying to understand his position. Read that article here.

The Elder of Ziyon is asking us to write to YouTube to protest the banning of the Palestinian Media Watch channel, via The Jawa Report.

…They complained to the administrators abut a farewell video of a suicide terrorist from a few years ago who boasted he would drink the blook of Jews. YouTube sent us notice that this video is “violation of terms” by promoting hate speech and closed our entire account. Most of the hundreds of videos on our web site are not running.

Infidels are Cool has an incredible (well, not really “incredible’ – we’re talking about Muslims here) story of a teacher in Spain who simply mentioned “ham” in class and is now facing several criminal charges.

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  • Interesting info on earmarks & the spending process, Maggie. Trying to decipher the arcane procedures of our so-called “representatives” is worse than trying to make sense of a medieval grimoire written by an intoxicated alchemist!