Morning News/Views 12-18-10 @ Maggie’s Notebook

Here’s some morning news and views you may have missed. Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Christmas season. I have family in from Florida, Texas and Los Angeles, there’s food everywhere and far too much sugar!

Shopping for the perfect Christmas Tree

Feminism is back in the news in so many ways, thanks to Sarah Palin telling us she is one in the truest sense of the word, and since 9/11/01 that revealed the ugly truth about the arbitors of feminism – The National Organization for Women (NOW) – a one-issue-group of nags that care about the availability of abortion, and nothing else. So Bob Belvedere at The Camp of the Saints has his famous “Spot-on-Quote of the Day, awarded to one of my favorite columnists, and I’m sure yours too. And the subject is feminism, And there’s a photo of Hillary you may not have seen before. Visit The Camp of the Saints for more.

American Perspective has disturbing video that we must watch, because we must know and acknowledge how Islam treats women. Take a look at how the government’s police seeks out and punishes “Trouser Girls.” The pigs stand-by, watch and laugh. Where were the men in this woman’s family?  Probably among the pigs…laughing.

Did you know that Fox News Viewers were the “Most Misinformed” during the 2010 elections according to, who else, academia – The University of Maryland. Patterico’s Pontifications points out the hilarity. In the same vein, but worse is The St. Petersburg Times’ naming the lie of the year, which is ‘A government takeover of health care.’ Again, Patterico’s Pontifications explains the ‘naming’ itself is “the lie.” And a second and distinguished unraveling of the lie, Don Surber fact checks the fact-checker.

The Lonely Conservative has information on a Democrat movement to do away with filibusters, in the name of Filibuster Reform. What better than Christmas to try this, when many of us are busy celebrating the birth of Christ. After a short history of absolute power, Hitler and Hugo Chavez, LC asks: “…why in the hell would anyone believe giving Senate Democrats and President Obama absolute power is any better?”

I don’t usually link to a post featuring “funnies” in News/Views, although I adore them, but Reaganite Republican has some “Tasteless Christmas Humor” and it is laugh-out loud delightful. Belly-laughing is good for you, and you and you.

Conservative Hideout has information about new pressures in the housing market. Read how a “community coalition” is trying to force loans to those with less than worthy credit. Here we go again, and we’re not even close to being out of the last housing meltdown.

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Linked by Pirate’s Cove. Take a look at his pinup. Do you know the artist? Williams needs to know.

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  • The issue of the hyjacking of women’s freedom by the Left is an issue that needs to be discussed much more than it is – after all, it affects half of the world’s population.

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