Morning News/Views 12-12-10 @ Maggie’s Notebook

News and views you may have missed. (I love Christmas trees.)

Bush National Christmas Tree 2008

Always on Watch has a must-see video about the unraveling of ObamaCare. Senator Ben Nelson wants to throw-out the individual mandate forcing every American to buy health care. Dr. William Winkenwerder says this is a “movement” and we’ll see more. Listen as the doctor describes the constitutional issues with ObamaCare.

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead asks how the GOP will handle and expose the “un-American” activities activists in the White House and elsewhere in government. It’s a great question. Makes me nervous.

Reaganite Republican says the worm that invaded Iran’s nuclear computer program continues to be a wildly successful and actually takes control of the centrifuge systems. It’s an astonishing report and one we can rejoice over. Who’s next?

New Zeal asks how Obama will react with Russian missiles moving into Venezuela…in striking distance of Florida and Louisiana.

NewsBusters nails a Columbia Professor and Huffington Post blogger for having sex with his own child for three years, otherwise known as incest. That professor is David Epstein, and of course, his daughter wanted to go to bed with her Dad. Epstein is an Obama donor.

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain tells us what’s wrong with the Republican Party, and I completely agree with him.

Zilla at PotLuck tells us the terrorist attack in Sweden yesterday is an Islamic attack. Who knew? Maybe it was the Irish…but, no, it was Muslims.

Marooned in Marin says the George W. Bush assassinator-wanna-be was American born and had the distinction of being the valedictorian of a private Saudi funded Islamic high school. The valedictorian is back in the courtroom.

A fine new blog, Gulag Bound, says Rep. Steve King (R-IA) wants to focus on Anchor Babies (children born to illegal immigrants while on U.S. soil) in the next Repbulican-led Congress.

Debbie @ Right Truth vents a little and shows the latest T-shirt that someone on your Christmas list will love.

The guys at Praesidium Respublicae have an essay on The Constitution. It’s time for college students to come home for the holidays. Read The People Govern first and have a copy ready for the kids. Each time you feed your university-aged kids, have this conversation. If you’re feeding them, they owe you their indulgence.

Adrienne’s Corner has the 10 things you must know about the Democrat DREAM Act. The vote on this serious issue has been delayed in the Senate while Liberals try to muster the votes. It is possible that RINO Senators will give Democrats the necessary vote on giving multiple millions citizenship – and more multiple millions as their families outside of our country follow and are granted the same.

  • Terrific roundup, Maggie, now I have got my morning reading list! Thank you for the linky love!

    • Thank you Zilla, and you are most welcome.

  • Maggie,
    Thank you for the link.

    I don’t post as often as I used to, and it’s good to know that I occasionally manage to put up something of value.

    • I like your blog, I have it added to my blogroll. Quality trumps quantity. 🙂

    • AOW, your posts, however often, are always timely and pertinent.

  • Oh goodie! Some new blogs that you have ferreted out. Thank you (and thanks for the love.) I’m still recovering from the shock of waking up to find out Clinton is president again…

    • Ha ha ha. Maybe next he’ll bring back GWB! Pop some corn and watch the lefties really lose it! LOL

      Thanks again for all your help, Adrienne.

    • You’re most welcome Adrienne.