Morning News/Views 12-10-10 @ Maggie’s Notebook

News and views you might have missed:

BlackFive on Iran’s agreement with Venezuela that definitely affects us here at home. If you’re in Florida or New Orleans, heads-up.

Merry Christmas!

Reaganite Republican has the ideal gift for a healthy heart.

Political Realities asks if the proposed payroll tax holiday is good or bad.

Conservative Pup offers some optimism about the massive treasury to be paid to Black farmers or…some who wanted to farm but couldn’t get a loan to do so.

Drive-by Thinking explains why ’tis the season to feel guilty.’ Did you know there’s an Elves & Fairies Local 703?

Woman Honor Thyself has a great post on New York Street performers and the sweet and beautiful view from inside a child’s mind.

Western Hero has a personal story about Pearl Harbor survivors and the famous ‘Frenchman crying.’

Ol’ Broad has the Soros videos this week from Glenn Beck’s “Im’ Taking Over the Country.” If you missed them, this is an comfy spot to kick-back with an egg-nog and learn about a Glenn Beck dictatorship.

Conservative Hideout has a short video made in 1980 that will make you go ‘Snap!’ That’s what’s going on.

The Conservative Lady has Chris Matthews and Ronald Reagan’s biological child Ronnie Reagan, and others Liberals talking about civil unrest, pitchforks, and bringing a gun to the fight for social justice.

Obi’s Sister says the Lombardi Award is tarnished.

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