Morning News 12-9-10 @ Maggie’s Notebook

News you may have missed.

Left Coast Rebel has news of Wal-Mart’s new in-store PSA’s – which Big Sis wrote and delivers.

Ran at Si Vis Pacem looks at war casualties doubling in 2009 and far outpacing 2001-2008, because the enemy smells weakness.

teresamerica has the latest from former Weather Undergrounder Bill Ayers.

Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom has news of TSA scanners and radiation.

The Right Guy has news of a new law that will affect all motorcycle riders.

Donald Douglas at American Power is in the middle of a righteous-left firestorm over the death of Elizabeth Edwards.

Proof Positive picked up on the rare event of Obama praising GW.

Randy’s Roundtable has Michele Bachmann on the Mark Levin Show, and she is calling the president a….(oops, you must hear it yourself), and she said what about lifting the cap on payroll taxes on who?

American Perspective has a T-Shirt you can order for Christmas: Think TSA and Lady Liberty: Everytime an American is harassed, a terrorist smiles.

If you missed the latest Olbermann diatribe about the “tax deal,” The Daly Gator has it. So who is dirty and a-moral?

I Own the World has the little-seen magic of photo retouching, beginning with Cameron Diaz and other stars you’ll recognize. Be sure to scroll through them all. It’s a treasure chest.

  • Thanks for the link Maggie!! Another great roundup of information………

  • Maggie, great group of links. I went to Left Coast Rebel and the video of Big Sis seems to be gone. I checked YouTube too, and every one I pull up just stays blank. Know anything about this? Did they pull it?

    • Hi Pup, didn’t know about the video was down. I just went to LCR and it is back up now. Wouldn’t that be a story!

  • To all those not in my morning news – I’m going to try to get my friends and their always great news into smaller roundups, so if I missed you it won’t be for long.

  • Yes, the video’s working now. Must have just been a glitch. Yea. That’s what it was. 🙂

  • Thanks for the link, Maggie! Hi pup!