Michelle Rhee Transforming Education After Fraud and Sex Coverup?

Michelle Rhee is a former D.C. Schools Chancellor. She is engaged to former NBA star and current Mayor of Sacramento, California.  Johnson was embroiled in a scandal of syphoning off $75 million from Americorp and making sexual advances to young girls. It is believed that Rhee, who sat on Johnson’s  St. Hope charity board, helped with a coverup. Rhee is close friends with Michelle Obama and Johnson is an Obama donor. Fraud, Sex Scandals and Education? They shouldn’t be in the same sentence, should they?

Michelle Rhee and Kevin Johnson

Rhee lost her job when her boss, Adrian Fenty, lost his after a November election loss. Nevertheless, Rhee says she is going to “transform” education. The movie Waiting for Superman premiered the night before the November elections. It championed Rhee and Fenty’s work, and was to be a catalyst for creating a “public passion for school reform the way An Inconvenient Truth did for fraudulent global warming claims.

She says she is going to “transform education,” with her new initiative StudentsFirst. She hopes to sign up one million members and raise $1 billion in the first year. As Chancellor, Rhee did not advocate for school vouchers, maybe because it was politically incorrect, or maybe because of that relationship with Barack and Michelle Obama.

I’ve written a lot about Kevin Johnson and fired Inspector General Gerald Walpin. Walpin discovered the Americorp/Johnson fraud and the sex scandal, with Johnson offering money – $1,000 a month – to one of three girls. Obama fired Walpin for uncovering the sordid story.

Now we learn that this school Chancellor, Michelle Rhee, was allegedly willing to attempt a cover-up of sexual misconduct with minors, and then became engaged to the perpetrator, Kevin Johnson.  What a great pairing. A woman with two children still in elementary school,  who runs the D.C. school district and an accused sexual predator. I have written many articles about Gerald Walpin, Kevin Johnson and AmeriCorps. Please browse through those, listed below the video, and understand the corruption coming right out of the White House. It is a sordid story of corruption at the highest levels, including the DOJ, and it exposes the lengths AmeriCorp will go to, to hijack taxpayers.

Please, think twice before donating to Michelle Rhee and her plan for transforming education.

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  • Great post! I don’t know where to begin for I too followed this for awhile…
    The greatest problem I see with all these revelations is that it also exposes the ignorant voters for what they really are…they don’t care about any of this stuff as long as their ‘man’ is in office…and that goes for the blacks who only care about the racist aspect of politics and those other ignoramouses that only pull the lever for the capital D regardless if all the D’s are damnedable (is that a word LOL) people. Its also amazing that whenever you bring up any of these facts to the liberal voter they simply ignore facts and always changed the subject… Further, it irks the you know what out of me that Johnson, Rhee, and Obama will never see jail time (they would if I were in charge!)

    • Norm, the point about voters is spot-on. Obama discontinued vouchers in D.C. schools, and Rhee would not advocate for them. Do you think any of those parents who had hoped their child would get into a decent school through vouchers would vote for him again? Yes I think they would.

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  • Wow, Maggie. I had no idea. I’ve been a fan of Michelle Rhee not for a long time, but since “Waiting for Superman” came out and started getting rave reviews, and she became all the rage. It bothered me that she seemed to be friends with and appear on Oprah’s show, but I just thought that showed how clueless Oprah is.

    This is amazing stuff! Glad you posted it; I kind of jumped on her bandwagon a little too soon, though fortunately I hadn’t praised her in print yet, and definitely hadn’t sent money. I’m going to link to this, and pass this on.

  • Cons. Pup: Another thing that bothers me about her is that she would not advocate for vouchers. She tried to stay neutral. There’s no leadership in that. Obama took down vouchers in Washington, D.C. – a very important program at the Obama’s girl’s school.

    Thanks for linking. This does my heart good when we find out something about public officials that we have few ways of knowing. That’s what blogging is all about.