Michele Bachmann: Simple Up-or-Down Vote: Do we want to increase taxes or keep them where they are now?

Rep. Michele Bachmann is on Fox News with Jon Scott this minute saying we need a simple up-or-down vote: are we going to keep taxes where we are, or are we going to increase them? How difficult is that to understand? This is the mindset we must demand from our legislators.

Michele Bachman

Mark Levin says the ‘tax deal’ is a massive spending bill and is “unconscionable.” He posted the following on his Facebook page, which is down at the moment

This tax deal is a massive spending bill, it helps Obama in his re-election campaign, it undermines the recent election, and is harmful to the economy as the tax rates will be under attack again in two years (no predictability, which is the talking point of its Republican advocates) and the new spending is unconscionable. They’re reportedly even adding ethanol subsidies now. I would not refer to this as a second stimulus, as Krauthammer does, even though I understand what he means — that this is another massive spending disaster. However, it stimulates nothing and, therefore, might confuse some people who hear the president claiming this will stimulate the economy. This is another massive spending bill. And it violates the recent GOP Pledge on cutting spending. I also think this demonstrates the utter incompetence of the current Republican leadership. READ THE FULL ARTICLE AT FACEBOOK.COM

From The Mark Levin Show:

This wasn’t the best deal the Republicans could have gotten; government spending is still going to massively grow. There is no connection between all these spending programs and gaining revenue.

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