Megyn Kelly Anthony Weiner: Kelly and Weiner on Death Taxes

Megyn Kelly interviews Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY) and the most important part of this video (about 9 mins. in) is toward the end when Megyn asks Weiner how he can defend death taxes. Kelly argues “double taxation,” and Weiner argues “unearned money.” Weiner is one rude little banty rooster. See the video below.

Megyn Kelly

The earlier discussion is on extending tax cuts, or in Weiner-lingo cutting taxes (the reality: there is no further cutting – just an extension of an existing many-years cut). Weiner is in it to push the argument that it is unfair to the American people for the wealthy not to be taxed more than at present. Weiner’s argument is Barack Obama is to blame for not fighting to punish the wealthy. hehehe! The fact is, Republicans neutered Weiner and his president.

Quote of the Day from Fox News commenter:

Weiner is the product of millions of wedgies and swirlies when he was a kid.

Megyn Kelly and Anthony Weiner: Death Taxes

  • I saw this, and thought to myself, ‘his growing up years must have been miserable.’ Which doesn’t excuse his adult rudeness. What a little jerk. Banty rooster is a good way to put it.

  • I think he has about two year left.