Mary Did You Know with Lyrics

This is my favorite Christmas hymn. I do not have a favorite artist for Mary Did You Know, maybe because choosing one to post here from a video doesn’t always offer the greatest audio. Here at home I listen to David Phelps, Michael Crawford or Mark Lowry. I know Michael English’s version is a favorite with many. I will post Mark Lowry’s version with video from The Passion closer to Christmas. The following is David Phelps, which I believe a reader introduced me to. Do you have a favorite voice for Mary Did You Know?

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Mary Did You Know – David Phelps

  • Beautiful Maggie! No favorite here as with all Christmas songs as each artist brings their own upbringing, talent, feelings and relationship with God into their version of the songs.

  • I have always liked Mark Lowry’s version, but David Phelps does a fine job also.

  • Beautiful!

    This Christmas may we worship The Baby as King!

    • AOW, absolutely, may we worship The Baby as King! Thank you.