Kings Firecrackers Jump Rope Team – Fabulous Video

Just look at these girls performing at the U.S. Naval Academy. Woot! What a performance. The second video contains stills of some of the moves, and the third is highlights of 2010 performances. Fabulous!

Kings Firecrackers Jump Rope Team

The girls range in age from fourth through eighth grade at the Kings Local School District in Ohio. Their coach is Lynn Kelley. Read more about the Firecrackers at their homepage.

Kings Firecrackers at U.S. Naval Academy (video)

Kings Firecrackers Jump Rope Team (video)

Kings Firecrackers 2010 Highlights (video)

  • Maggie,,Those galls are just simply AWESOME!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • Hi Christopher, I think so too. What a wonderful way for young girls to spend their time and stay fit as well.