Kathy Griffin in Bikini: The Guys’ Perspective on Skinny Women (and Bristol Palin)

While the Left attempts to tell us how “the troops” always revere their Commander-in-Chief, even when he is a socialist/marxist, we get more than a glimpse into that reverie when Kathy Griffin stood before the Military and made ugly of Bristol Palin’s weight on Dancing With the Stars. Note that the boos for Griffin were not booyahs.Note the audience could have been politically, correctly-polite and simply stayed quiet with no applause, but chose to let Griffin know they supported Bristol Palin, and her Mother, Sarah. That was the message – don’t even try to argue the point.

Kathy Griffin with Ammo Belt, proving you can have cellulite even when skinny

Bob Belvedere, your humble dispatcher at The Camp of the Saints explains Kathy Griffin’s problem:

There’s a kind of woman out there who can be best summed-up as a human toothache — she is a wretchedly unhappy person who hates her life and wishes to drag everyone she meets down into her fetid emotional swamp.  She exudes an air of dreary and banal poverty of the soul combined with the odor of chronic depressive irrationality that together forms a miasma of constant misery and shabbiness of conduct.  Such a person deeply envies those who are normal, who move through adversity and tragedy and keep on living.  Sometimes this type of woman turns to lesbianism, sometimes to fag haggery.  No matter what road they take, however, their pathetic neurosis follow them.

Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin are two such women.  They toil in the fields of comedy, but they are not funny.  Real, overwrought anger is not funny except to other neurotics.  That is why their fan base consists of Feminists and homosexuals — the poster girls and boys for frenzied neuroses.

The Superficial.com (thanks for the photo) says Griffin in Bikini was an attempt to ‘cool down the troops’ at a the USO Vh1 Divas Salute the Troops.

Think having your mom call and detail the night you were conceived right after you just got a lap dance. Psychologically damaging? Yes.

And The Other McCain make this point:

Beauty comes in all sizes, and it’s not Regular Guys who are driving women to anorexia. The fashion industry isn’t dominated by Regular Guys. The editors of Vogue and Cosmo, the designers and photographers and fashion reporters aren’t Regular Guys. No, the beauty industry is run by women and gay men, and so if you want to point the finger about “body image” issues in the fashion culture, don’t point the finger at the “oppressive patriarchy.”

The Kathy Griffin in Bikini pic above: Note that even in this small photo, the cellulite is clearly visible. To the guys for their perspective: Thanks!

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