John Campbell: GOP to Cut $100B But Dems Spend $250B in ‘Tax Deal’

California Congressman John Campbell (R-CA) says he will vote against the ‘tax deal’ for three reasons. I’ll layout one of them for you: According to Campbell, the GOP plans to cut $100 Billion, but before they can get started the ‘tax deal’ spends $250 Billion. Campbell wants to vote in January solely on the question of allowing extensions to continue, or increasing taxes. See the video below.

Congressman John Campbell

The Lonely Conservative has some history-making news that hopefully will not be precedent-setting.

There’s more: House Speaker-elect John Boehner is suggesting 1-page legislation and Michele Bachmann is promoting the same simple vote, up or down vote that Campbell is suggesting: do we increase taxes or do we leave them as they are today.

Rep. John Campbell on the ‘Tax Deal’