Inspector General Audits Border Security: NonCompliant Crossers Category Fails

Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General has audited border security and concluded that we are failing to enforce laws enabling foreigners to enter the U.S. See video of the Laredo border below.

Laredo, Texas Border Crossing Bridge

The short story is that 1.1 million get through security and enter this country without documentation – IN TEXAS ALONE. Shockingly, we have a category for  “noncompliant crossers,” who apparently refuse to show proper i.d. and enter the U.S. anyway.

That allowed 1.1 million travelers to enter the country without additional screening in Texas when citizenship or their identity was in question, the audit said.

The 9/11 Commission recommended that travelers from “hemispheric countries,” including Bermuda produce a passport or other approved documentation, but border agents are not convinced of the necessity of the Commission’s recommendations. The Texas Border Coalition say $6 billion from the Obama administration will help keep undocumenteds out.

You will be happy to know that authorities are going to do something about “noncompliant crossers.” Beginning in February, we will begin a trial. “Noncompliant crossers” will be sent through secondary inspections in Laredo and Detroit. No other entry points are designated for the trial. Assuming the traveler does not have proper documents the first time, assuming they still will not have them in the “secondary inspection” doesn’t seem to bother authorities. There is zero discussion about what happens after the second inspection.

The Inspector General concluded that when a traveler does not have proper I.D. it simply takes too long for the agents to go to the next step. Agents are sending the people through security anyway (apparently). Think of the time that can be saved when there is no approved I.D. You turn them around and send them back to where ever they came from. If we have a strict policy of border compliance, border crashers will stop trying to get through.

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Laredo, Texas Border Violence – Video Dated June 2010

  • Why is it so hard for our government to figure out that stopping these people at the border, before they are in the country and that much harder to find, is the right thing to do? It doesn’t take a very smart person to see that, yet they continue to ignore the obvious.

  • LD, as Chris Matthews said this week, they aren’t that interested in stopping illegals. Even if we made the 12 million legal, I guess they see the stream drying up after.

    Bush was also terrible on this problem. While speaking of keeping us safe, our borders were fully porous.

    Personally, I think it should be criminal at the highest levels.

  • There is a critical shortage of iornfmative articles like this.

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