How Do Muslims Get Into US from Mexico? Here’s How.

Muslim Smuggled Explosives in Underwear

Some highlights: a Balkan smuggling ring manipulates passports, and says no one can tell. Middle Easterners and Europeans are smuggled through central America, into Mexico then into Houston. Even higher numbers of Muslims have been smuggled into the U.S. since September 11, 2001, than before. In the video, watch as “a custom agent walks us to freedom” because we pay them off. Watch a reporter walk across the border bridge from El Salvador into Guatemala – a main smuggling route, without a single check of documenta. Listen and hear that smugglers use the same passports over and over.

See more videos at Creeping Sharia.

Muslims Cross into Houston, Texas

  • Forget a wall- how much would it cost us to bury dead pigs every yard of so for the entire SW desert border lol

    • RR, I want you for president.

  • And our Government has their eyes on kids and grandma at the airport…….

    • RandyG, yes with women in hijab patting down nuns.

  • Wall the border and shoot any one trying to cross it.

    • Katie, my sentiments exactly.

  • Double wall. No-man’s land in between. Sovereign country.

    • That’s how the Israelis do it. Only most of their wall is a chain link fence.a

    • Opus#6, Who would have believed that Libersal could actually make Americans believe a fence doesn’t work?

  • And the dems want to give all of them amnesty once they get here.

    • Hi zilla, yes, it’s all about votes. This is a battle we have to win. The stakes are too high.