Honolulu Police Guarding President Grab Camera Injure Reporter

A television crew from a Big Island public access program known as “We are Change Hawaii” was told to leave the barricade leading up to Obama’s vacation home. They did so promptly, but kept cameras rolling as they passed vehicles being searched, and then were followed by police and possibly Secret Service. Note that the president was not in sight. See the video below.

Barack Obama Honolulu 2008 (AP)

The Blaze says Big Island public access is a “government truther” organization. I’m not sure how to take that. Generally in the current lexicon, a “truther” is someone who believes September 11, 2001 was an inside job, rather than Islamic terrorism. “Truthers” are not usually associated with government. Perhaps this group is focused on exposing truth about government, with The Blaze using the word “truther.”

The crew pulled into a gas station, and according to their story, “up to five officers surrounded the car.” They were told to stay in the car, turn off the camera and provide I.D. Sativa Jones, one of the occupants in the car was holding the rolling camera. You can hear her say “OK” when told to put the camera down.

Without warning, a police officer reached inside the car and grabbed the camera. He slammed the camera on top of the car, damaging it. Jones’ finger was sliced by the camera mount when it was jerked from her hand.

Asked if it was legal for police officers to stop someone from videotaping an officer in a public place, the department said citizens are allowed to video in public places.

The Secret Service Office in Honolulu did not respond to telephone and e-mail requests for comment.

TV Crew Roughed Up, Harrassed by Police/Secret Service (video)

Thanks to David Lemon, Master Sculptor, for the tip.