French Model Isabelle Caro Dies – 59 Lbs 5’4″ Tall

The stories I’m reading about 28-year-old French model, Isabell Caro, indicate that she has been anorexic since at least age 13, and has been on the brink of death several times. She was hospitalized for two weeks in November and died in-hospital. She was having respiratory problems and no one is saying officially that she died of anorexia. She is believed to have weighed about 59 pounds, standing 5″ 4″ tall, during some of her toughest anorexia years – likely less before her death.

Isabelle Caro

A couple of years ago, Caro took part in an Italian ‘No Anorexia’ campaign that included billboards. Don’t click this link without first preparing yourself for an excruciating sight of the human body. Don’t click it all if you are offended by nudity.

If you do click the link, you’ll see the many many photos Isabelle Caro allowed, that friends say were her way of warning young women of the perils of anorexia.

The first video below shows the huge billboard for the ‘No Anorexia’ campaign, sitting high above a city. The second is from Jessica Simpson’s short lived reality show interview with Caro for The Price of Beauty.


Isabelle Caro ‘No Anorexia’ (video)

Jessica Simpson and Isabelle Caro: The Price of Beauty (video)