Feds Demand Guv’mint Workers Not Read WikiLeaks

As Weazel Zippers says: “What a freaking joke.” You see, the Wikileaks leaks are still classified. Wouldn’t do for federal guv’mint workers to spy on their own government. And that goes for your home computer as well, and…the one at the public library, or your friend’s laptop at the coffee shop, or your iPhone or Blackberry. Whatever. Wherever.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Hillary says Wikileaks is now getting serious. This observation from Death by 1000 Papercuts

When the targets of Wikileaks were only soldiers and those who helped the U.S. in war zones the stakes weren’t as high. Now that Julian Assange has target State Department cables – look out!

What a nightmare.

The Department of Defense, in its own directive to military personnel and icontractors, says that simply reading these documents, without proper authorization, will violate long-standing rules even though they are accessible to the public at large on Internet sites. “Viewing or downloading still classified documents from unclassified government computers creates a security violation,” a spokeswoman said in a statement on Saturday.

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  • Somehow I have this sneaky suspicion that somebody up there…way up there…wanted this stuff leaked.

  • Mike

    That’s one scary picture of the “Hildabeast” Hard to say who would be worst. Her or zero.