Eric Bolling: 47% of Households Pay Zero Taxes – Up From 32% Under Obama

Fox Business News’ Eric Bolling was on with Bill Hemmer this morning saying 47% of ALL households in America pay no taxes, up from 32% under the Obama administration. The video below is from a previous discussion between Bolling and Stuart Varney.

Eric Bolling

Eric Bolling and Stuart Varnery: 47% of Households Pay Zero Taxes (video)

  • While I appreciate that many Americans don’t pay income tax, I also want to note that low and middle income earners pay payroll taxes. When the employer contribution is taken into account it adds up to 12.4%. That’s far from nothing, but the fact that it is decoupled from income taxes changes the political debate on all forms of taxation.

  • Income tax yes, taxes no. Everyone is paying at least 20% in some form of tax.

  • Country Thinker and Trestin, you can’t ignore the fact though, that some are paying zero in income taxes. If they were all equal, there would be only one tax. We desperately need a Fair or Flat tax. Do either of you have a preference between those two?

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