Ed Schultz Al Sharpton: Two Jealous Losers Long to Silence Limbaugh

Have you ever heard Rush Limbaugh say any of the arrogant, supremely stupid Liberals on radio, television or in Congress should not have the right to say what they say? Of course, not. Al Sharpton, however, tells Ed Schultz he has gone to the FCC and asked that they take action against the racist, on-air Rush Limbaugh. These two jealous losers long to silence Limbaugh and all successful conservative voices. See two videos.

Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton Jealous Losers

With these charges of racism, you would expect some examples of Limbaugh’s overt racism, right? Here is a portion that you do not hear in the first video below:

Here’s a man who calls the president names, plays a record calling him the ‘good negro,’ that has the former majority whip, or soon to be former majority whip, Jim Clyburn, as driving Miss Nancy, trying to play off Driving Miss Daisy.  Rush Limbaugh has the right to say whatever he wants to say; he does not have the right to do it, though, on publicly regulated airwaves.”…

“The FCC has a responsibility to set standards to say the public cannot be offended based on their race or their gender in this country and use federally regulated airwaves that they give licenses to that are very competitive, and the FCC is very selective based on standards.”

I know most of my readers know and understand where, not “the good negro” originated, but the “magic negro,” and it wasn’t with Rush Limbaugh. David Ehrenstein, a Black man, wrote a column titled “Obama the Magic Negro.” What a shocker – parodies followed.

Sharpton, like all Liberals simply despise the success of Conservative Talkers, both on Radio and TV. The only way to rid the airwaves of what “we the people” want to listen to, is to do it through government regulation, which will only work if Sharpton and others can convince some government authoritarian that the Talkers are racist. It won’t take much to do the convincing as the FCC board has a Democrat majority.

Gina Miller writing for the Dakota Voice has more on the Schultz-Sharpton interview.

Then there is the pitiable Ed Schultz, loser, loser, loser who said he “busted his ass for Barack Obama” during the campaign, but couldn’t get an interview. Problem was, Fox News’ Brett Baier could and did. He is insanely jealous of Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow. No doubt he would shut them down and climb into their chair if given the chance. Free speech is not a factor in Schultz’ reasoning. He has clearly demonstrated how he views the First Amendment, free speech and the sanctity of one vote for one voter (second video below):

Schultz has said he would:

Cheat the vote to keep Republicans [bastards] out.

If I lived in Massachusetts, I’d try to vote 10 times.

If I owned 500 stations the “drugster” [Rush Limbaugh] wouldn’t be on any of them.

Congress needs to equal out the audience.

If we’re going to be socialists, let’s be socialists all across the board.

Sharpton has a radio show. Ed Schultz has a radio show. Would I want to silence them? Not a chance. These two sad sacks make the case for conservatism. Sharpton is the face of racism, denigrating Whites for simply being White. He fueled a controversy, protested in the streets against a Jewish merchant in Crown Heights, calling him a”White Interloper.”  One of Sharpton’s protesters entered the merchant’s store armed with a gun and flammable liquid. Customer’s were shot, seven store employees died and the gunman shot and killed himself. Before the deaths, Sharpton made numerous racially tinged remarks including, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”

And the most infamous racially-tinged Sharpton act has to be his continuous support of Tawana Brawley’s rape accusations against six white men. A Grand Jury found no cause. The rape kit didn’t prove rape or any kind of sexual assault. Both she an her mother were seen in an apartment building off and on during the time Tawana said she was held by the six white men.

The Grand jury issued a 170-page report saying Brawley had not been kidnapped, assaulted, raped or sodomized, as she claimed.

Sharpton was one of Brawley’s “advisors.” He and two other advisors eventually accused a White Assistant District Attorney of taking part in the rape.

The Assistant District Attorney sued Sharpton and the two other advisors. He was awarded money, which Sharpton refused to pay. Businessmen in his neighborhood took care of the debt for him.

Tawana Brawley has converted to Islam.

Ed Schultz, Al Sharpton – Jealous Losers on Rush Limbaugh (video)

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    • Welfare: Typical. You have not a single factual thing to say about Schultz or Sharpton wanting to silence someone in their own profession. Not a single factual thing to say about First Amendment Rights. Not a single factual thing to say about voter fraud. Not a single factual thing to say about about racism.

  • Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton are two prime examples of those who would silence their opposition by accusing them of all manner of injustices. They seem not to have the faintest inkling of what our country was founded on. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be so quick to want to infringe on the first amendment rights of those who disagree with them.

    • LD, they want to silence others in their own profession. The jealousy and hate oozes – and Sharpton is a pastor.