DynCorp, ExGreenBerets Military Elite Exploit Bacha Bazi (Boy Play) to Afghan Police – Video

Billions of dollars from taxpayers is believed to have transferred hands from American contractor, DynCorp, to Afghan police, and along with the American dollars goes some “boy-play,” or Bacha Bazi parties. See the video below and be prepared to be outraged.

Bachi Bazi (Boy Play)

DynCorp allegedly employes ex-Green Berets and former members of elite American forces:

…bacha bazi is a pre-Islamic Afghan tradition that was banned by the Taliban. Bacha boys are eight- to 15-years-old. They put on make-up, tie bells to their feet and slip into scanty women’s clothing, and then, to the whine of a harmonium and wailing vocals, they dance seductively to smoky roomfuls of leering older men.

After the show is over, their services are auctioned off to the highest bidder, who will sometimes purchase a boy outright. And by services, we mean anal sex: The State Department has called bacha bazi a “widespread, culturally accepted form of male rape.” (While it may be culturally accepted, it violates both Sharia law and Afghan civil code.)

For Pashtuns in the South of Afghanistan, there is no shame in having a little boy lover; on the contrary, it is a matter of pride. Those who can afford the most attractive boy are the players in their world, the OG’s of places like Kandahar and Khost. On the Frontline video, ridiculously macho warrior guys brag about their young boyfriends utterly without shame.

U.S. diplomats seem to be in on trying to discredit reports about DynCorp and their “party” for Afghani police.

…this isn’t DynCorp’s first brush with the sex-slavery game. Back in Bosnia in 1999, US policewoman Kathryn Bolkovac was fired from DynCorp after blowing the whistle on a sex-slave ring operating on one of our bases there. DynCorp’s employees were accused of raping and peddling girls as young as 12 from countries like Ukraine, Moldova and Romania.

If there is any justice in this world, any American being a party to this subhuman treatment of children will die a horrible death – suffering for a long time first, and then their families and loved ones back home in the U.S. will know of their every deed, and believe every word of it.

DynCorp has a reputation for exploiting children, and was known for this deviousness before being brought into Afghanistan. The question is: why, why would we pay this company billions? Someone has to stop this sickness. Thanks to The Lonely Conservative via The Other McCain.

Dancing Boys of Afghanistan – Bacha Bazi (video)