Dennis Prager: The Middle East Problem Video

Is the Middle East Problem the most complex conflict in the world? We hear that it is. In the video below, Dennis Prager takes the “con” out of “conflict,” and explains the Middle East Problem.

Israel Borders

The areas shown in bright green (Sinai, Golan Heights, Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem) were occupied by Israel during the 6-day war. Israel has since returned all of Sinai to Egypt in return for peace. Most of Gaza is currently under the jurisdiction of the autonomous Palestinian Authority (2002). Parts of the West Bank (see Map of Israel and Palestinian territories following Oslo II) had been ceded to the Palestinian authority, but these areas are currently re-occupied by Israel. Following the 6 day war, Israel began building settlements in these areas. Click for a map of the settlements.

If you need a way to try to explain the Israeli-Palestinian “conflict” to friends or family, this is an excellent place to start. These are things everyone must understand. The issue is too important to be wrong about. After that, take a look at the history of Israel’s borders: The Angst of Supporting Israel.

Thanks to Hezbos in Your Backyard for the video.

Dennis Prager: The Middle East Problem

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