Delvonte Tisdale Falls from Jet over Boston: TSA Fails

A Milton, Massachusetts man heard a loud thump in the night. Sixteen-year-old Devonte Tisdale’s “badly-mutilated” body was found nearby by a group of college students. Police have confirmed they believe Devonte Tisdale was a stowaway in the wheel of a Boeing 737 approaching landing at Boston’s Logan Airport. Obviously, this story is more than the death of a teenager. How did Delvonte approach the plane on the tarmack. How could he possibly get inside the wheel-well without being noticed? Where was security? What if a terrorist did the same? TSA failed again. See a video below.

Delvonte Tisdale

According to police, Tisdale was reported missing on November 14th. He was found within 24 hours 900 miles from home. Initially, the police suspected murder but on December 10th, decided to release the stowaway information because of airport security concerns.

Police believe Tisdale crawled inside the wheel-well while the flight was on the ground in Charlotte, North Carolina. Fingerprints and handprints were found around that area on the aircraft.

Officials said planes drop their landing wheels at between 1,500 and 2,900 feet right above Milton near the Blue Hills.

The boy’s body showed severe head trauma, his arms and legs were broken and some of his remains were found in two places.

He is understood to have been identified through a school hall pass that was found in a pocket.

Friends said he was trying to get to Baltimore, where his mother lives.

According to the boy’s father, Anthony Tisdale, the family had moved from Baltimore to Greensboro and on to Charlotte so Delvonte could join the North Meckleburgh High School’s Air Force ROTC program. The boy’s brother said Delvonte was not happy and wanted to go back to Baltimore. In the news report in the video below, police theorize Tisdale was a run-away.

Delvonte Tisdale Falls from Jet over Boston (video)

  • This wouldn’t happen if the TSA actually did security instead of play at it.

    • Hopefully it wouldn’t happen if we had a Republican president.

  • Others who have tried the wheel well route have frozen to death due to the high altitude…and still others just drop out when the wheels come down…but there have been cases of a successful trip….I remember one from the Vietnam era…
    Oh well…