Defunding ObamaCare: Starve the Beast: Krauthammer Wants to Feed It!

Fox News correspondent Jim Angle, or Jangle as he is often called, quotes Speaker of the House-elect John Boehner saying “I’m going to make sure this health care bill never ever, ever is implemented.”

Charles Krauthammer

Republicans have already succeeded in blocking the first billion dollars in money to implement the health care law. It was part of the omnibus spending bill with six thousand earmarks that was killed in the Senate.

It was replaced by a temporary spending measure to keep the government running until March 4, 2011. The next budget bill is likely to bring the first big battle over funding the health care law.

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We all understand the bill stinks on ice:

But Steve Hyde, an independent health expert, doesn’t think much of it. “The law probably creates… 15 or 20 thousand new IRS jobs,” he said, “It doesn’t create a single new doctor job.”

So the Republican strategy seems clear.

They say their hope is to defund and stall the health law’s implementation, at least until they have more power to stop it.

But Fox sage Charles Krauthammer wants to feed the beast (video). He wants ObamaCare to be instituted and then fail on it’s own. I understand his argument: we can’t expose the graft and corruption unless it happens, but it’s not a good plan in my opinion. Too much is at stake. We know that once the tentacles of this invasive health care plan works it’s way in the lives and homes and privacy of Americans, we will never get rid of it. Examples are every other country who has tried to manage the health care of their citizens, seen it fail, and then despaired to find a way to axe it.

From Hot Air:

Two obvious problems with Krauthammer’s scheme, though. One, as Steve Hayes suggests in the clip, you’re taking a major risk by funding the program even for a few years, even with the expectation built in that it’ll be defunded if it misses its targets. Dependencies develop quickly; if you want to kill a bad entitlement, kill it quickly before expectations calcify. Two: As a purely political matter, there’s no way the GOP could refuse to defund it. It would be taken as proof that Republicans have already lost their nerve; the base would be equal parts crushed and enraged, to the point where you probably would start hearing chatter about a third party in earnest.

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