Clay Duke is Florida Bay District School Board Shooter: Ginger Littleton, Mike Jones Heroes

The man who held Panama City, Florida’s Bay District School Board hostage has been identified as Clay Duke. Duke sat in the back of the audience at a school board meeting before walking toward the dias, emptying the room of everyone but 6 men, and spray painting a red circle with a “V’ through it. Board member Ginger Littleton tried to hit Duke from behind with her gargantuan handbag, and school security Mike Jones eventually shot Duke in the torso a couple of times. Littleton, Jones and School Superintendent Bill Husfelt are heroes tonight. Duke was a mess according to his wife. See videos below.

Ginger Littleton: Bay District School Board Member

Ginger Littleton has been on television today talking about the shooting and she refers to the school board members as “her guys,” and said she couldn’t live with herself had she not tried to help.

Clay Duke

Duke told the Board they had fired his wife, and then called them all “assholes.” Someone on the Board offered to find his wife a a job. Duke fired the gun at each Board member and hit no one.

Note in at least one of the videos, after Duke is shot and downed by School Security, someone, apparently a Board member, says the bullets are not real, but are caps.  The bullets were real.

Duke, 56, killed himself with his own weapon (which wasn’t a cap gun) after he was wounded by Mike Jones. Rebecca Duke says her husband was an excellent marksman, and he intentionally missed with each shot.  This report says Duke was bi-polar, a frustrated, broke ex-con.  He died with 25 rounds of ammunition in his pocket. The shooting came after the fired wife’s unemployment benefits ran out. The two videos begin and end at different points of the action. The Other McCain has the early reporting and updates as they hit the air waves.

Clay Duke Bay District School Board Shooter

Clay Duke Shoots, Ginger Littleton Attacks, Mike Jones takes him down

  • Using the lefties logic. I lay the blame on Media Matters, as Duke was a fan, and linked them on his facebook page. I demand that they apologize for their leftist rhetoric, which has obviously caused this tragic event.