Chris Matthews’ 2nd Admission in a Week: Democrats Not Trustworthy on Immigration Enforcement

My guess is that Chris Matthews has been wrong for such a long time now, he figures he better do something about it before the whole Obama hope-and- change-scam implodes, taking the press with it. In this video, Matthews says Democrats don’t want to stop “illegal immigration,” and are “not trustworthy on [immigration] enforcement.”

Chris Matthews

First, let’s get something straight: illegals have not immigrated – they’ve migrated, illegally. Second, eventually most illegals are well documented, as they use your social security number, take your job, flood your critical care units, and drive your streets without a driver’s license or insurance. Third, the truth is, they are technically alien migrants.

The 1st strange  “admission” this week was Matthews admitting it odd that Obama has not “demanded” the long-form copy of his birth certificate, the one with the signatures…the one that offers the solid proof of natural-born status. Coming on the heels of Democrats don’t really want legal immigration, both are stunners.

In the video, listen to the male guest, Richard Wolff, say “immigration is a civil rights issue, isn’t it?

Thanks to Karen for this eye-opening Chris Matthews video.

Hot Air has some interesting commentary on this story, positing that Matthews is making the case against the DREAM Act.

Chris Matthews: Democrats Not Trustworthy on Immigration Enforcement (video)

  • Ay caramba, El Tinglo!

  • Good stuff, Maggie, I think you’re right, perhaps ole tingly leg has caught a whiff of the winds of change and is stepping away from the koolaid in an act of self preservation.
    As to the silly assertion by the left that coddling for criminal alien invaders is a civil rights issue, it’s not, civil rights applies to civilians, these are invaders not civilians, therefore they have no civil rights.

    • Zilla, I noticed that Matthews got away from “the civil rights issue” as fast as he could.

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  • You know, I believe ol’ Tingles and trying to reposition toward the center. It won’t work. The Leftie idiocy is on tape.
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • Hi LibertyAtStake – Weird isn’t it? I notice the lsm isn’t talking about these odd statements at all.

  • Let’s be clear. Chris Matthews (no relation, thank God) is a liberal waterboy. Don’t make too much of what he says. Likewise, Hawaii Gov Abercrombie also made noise about birthers and Obama. While I agree much about Barack Obama’s life is cloaked in secrecy (see the Newsmax report on this) but one fact rings true.

    All that happened in the days since the midterm elections is POLS repositioning for the 112th Congress and the 2012 elections. It’s politics 101. Trying to decipher all the moves is unnecessary. Once the new congress gets underway all will be simplified. After all, that’s where the money is. It may not be a direct quote from John Dillinger but it still fits.

    As for the illegals they are of course….illegal!!!!

    Happy New Year Maggie, to you and all your fans.

    • Hi Stanford, great to see you and by the way, both of your blogs look smashing! Yes, Chris Matthews is a waterboy, but I don’t know how his latest statements can help Obama. I also do not understand Abercrombie. He says he wants to help save the reputation of the Obama’s grandparents, and I’ve read around that he says he knows Obama was there as a baby, but he doesn’t document when he saw him. As you said, on this one, figuring it out is unnecessary.

      Love that Dillinger kinda-sorta-quote. Happy New Year to you too Stanford. Did I mention that both of your blogs look smashing and have a wealth of good material therein:-)

  • Maybe Matthews is working his way up to “Obama is an illegal alien”?

    • Proof, at the least he said Obama should prove he’s natural born. He doesn’t agree with “birthers,” nevertheless, asking why Obama has not demanded his proper b/c is strong.

      Now today (or in the last few days) he actually said “Obama, the guy who comes from Saul Alinsky,” and he wasn’t kidding.

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