Chris Christie the Rock Star Meets Sir Paul McCartney at Chabad House Video

Paul McCartney is dating Nancy Shevell, who’s father is a supporter of the Chabad House in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Governor Christie was a speaker that evening and was introduced by a “zealous fan” as a “Rock Star” – with Sir Paul McCartney sitting right in front of him at Table 2. Christie is a good story-teller. See how he gets out of his uncomfortable limelight.

Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevell

Wouldn’t it be great to hear the conversation in McCartney’s limo that night. We know he’s no George W. Bush fan. In fact, Paul is giddy about Obama, who he says knows what a library “is, without realizing the Dandy Barack thinks only one bomb hit Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, believes we have 57 states, and had to hide his own college records to win the election. So what must he think of the audaciously awesome (most of the time) Governor Chris Christie?

Chris Christie Meets Paul McCartney (video)

Thanks to super news sleuth and master sculptor, David Lemon

  • What a wonderful story. I love Gov. Christie. Paul McCartney was lucky to meet him. But like the great soul that he is, Christie was all humility.

    • McCartneyfan

      Paul McCartney lucky cause he met a governor??? Haha, he`s met president Obama twice, and been knighted by Queen Elizabeth! Paul McCartney wrote the songbook to our lives, he`s a living legend, and icon. The governor is lucky to have met him, and as you see in this video, he appears to be pretty starstruck!

  • Ran

    No freakin’ comment.

  • McCartneyfan

    Did u ever think Paul McCartney was a conservative??? Hello, John Lennon sang give peace a chance, and campaigned against Nixon in 1972. The Beatles were a liberal band. You conservatives are pissed off cause he don`t like Bush, but guess what. Nobody in Europe does. And Paul McCartney is a European. Pauls has never been political in the past, but when Ted Nugent is allowed to spread hate and lies about president Obama, Paul must be allowed to share his appreciation for the first black president in history.