Chris Christie Sues Obama Administration for ARC

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will sue the Obama administration for forcing the state to Access to Regions Corepay $271 million for work on the government’s canceled rail project into Manhattan, known as Access to the Region’s Core (ARC).

The New Jersey Transit will hire a D.C. law fir to sue in federal court. New Jersey will claim that other states with canceled federal programs have not been forced to pay back funds.

It sounds like Christie believes the Obama administration is purely political selective in choosing who pays and who does not. Surely not.

“In one example, state officials contend that the federal government has not insisted that it be paid back for the Renaissance Square project in Rochester, a bus terminal development that was canceled in August 2009.”

The other side of the story is that new Republican Governor Christie canceled the tunnel project

“Christie had criticized the project because it did not connect to other rail lines in New York and was being dug too deep. He also said he thought New York City or the State of New York should help foot the bill, especially if there were cost overruns.

Since the cancellation, New York City has floated the idea of extending a subway line through a new tunnel into New Jersey, an idea the Christie has received warmly.”

The Federal Transit Administration has demanded payment from New Jersey by December 24th, 2010. Read more at the Daily Caller.

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