Chris Christie Audacious Awesome Straight Talk About Teachers

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is talking about the classroom and unqualified teachers. If you have children in school, or have school-aged grandchildren…or simply care about the children now, who will become leaders in this country 20+ years in the future, this video suggests a way forward.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie

Where could education be in this country if we could trust our children’s textbooks? Where could education be if teachers consistently churning out failed students were removed from the classroom? Christie’s audacious straight-talk should spark new interest and new hope in the hearts of parents everywhere.

I remember the point this past summer when we knew the TEA parties were taking root, that people were listening, that conservatives has achieved the impossible – we had a voice. A voice is needed for parents.

Turn your PTAs and School Board meetings into the equivalent of TEA parties, and tell the unions they will not ruin the life of your child. You will not accept a failed tenured teacher. Form parental groups to verify textbooks, especially concerning our country’s founding. How is the Supreme Court being taught? Is the U.S. Constitution being taught at all, and if so, how? Find good, reliable sources (not WikiPedia) and document your findings. Know who is instrumental in writing your child’s textbooks. Texas just successfully called for a revamp of textbooks. They made it happen. They found the problems, they found the distortions, and they are bringing about change. Perhaps your child will be using one of the revamped Texas textbooks, but if not, are your child’s sources reliable?

Chris Christie is the leading child advocate in the U.S. in my opinion. He is demanding accountability. We should too. Everything depends on it.

Governor Chris Christie: Audacious Straight Talk about Teachers (video)

  • As much as I like his stance on teachers, there are so many issues he’s questionable on, my enthusiasm for the guy has rally waned.