Bill Sammon Memos to Anchors Journalists Leaked

Bill Sammon the Fox New Channel Vice President and Washington bureau manager sent a memo to FNC’s anchors telling them refer to ObamaCare as “the government option,” not the “public option.” Today another memo is being “outed,” with Sammon telling anchors to cast doubt on climate science.

Bill Sammon

Stacy McCain at The Other McCain suggests someone within Fox News is out to get Sammon. Media Matters is in a bother about him, and without naming the source, says some within Fox are concerned about Sammon’s “slant” tactics.

Why would “public option” be more acceptable than “government option?” McCain explains:

“Public” has positive connotations — “public library,” “public park,” “public school” – while “government” has rather different connotations. And Sammon clearly saw that reporters, in using the phrase ”public option,” were engaged in a subtle form of advocacy.

I agree with Sammon. As ObamaCare is now, it is a government option, because in the end the “government” will provide your health care, if we give them the chance. Doctors are running from the program as fast as they can. Once on the program, and you are mandated to be on the program, if your doctor leaves, the government option is the only option – by U.S. law.

Media Matters baldly says ClimateGate (leaked emails) was a “misrepresentation,” and a “distortion,” and in no way casts legitimate doubt on the science. The problem is, it is the climate change scientists who have lied and distorted. It’s easy to figure out. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that these jokers lied, cheated, manipulated and got rich on false science. Find climate hoax background here.

Bill Sammon isn’t on-camera much today, but when he is on, he’s a star. McCain worked with Sammon at the Washington Times and has some personal insight on the man President Bush  referred to as ‘Stretch.” So if there’s a snitch out to get Bill Sammon at Fox News, who do you think it is? McCain’s readers have a few ideas.

  • Well, to the left, distortions are facts, and facts are distortions, hence, their upset over this. Seems to me that he is trying to not slant and be realistic. Therein lies his sin.

  • Ran

    The joke on Media Matters is that they’re rather consistent and the majority of Americans understand that Media Matters lies by omission if not by fact as an M.O. They’re also easily gullible – Limbaugh, for example, plays Media Matters for sport. No-one takes Media Matters seriously: Even lefty college students refer to them as “Media Amateurs”. Like “Acorn”, the brand credibility is woefully damaged. It’s only a matter of time before they fold and get reincarnated. Too bad the name Prabda is still in use…

  • Patrick Martin

    Bill Sammon is an interesting one…Back in April of this year, just prior to Obama releasing the 2nd fraudulent birth certificate, I watched O’Reilly and Beck get quite spew a good bunch of sarcasm to anybody questioning Obama’s BC.

    A couple days later I listened to Beck on morning radio and he was going totally lunatic on anybody questioning Obama’s BC.

    Well, that explosive 15 minute commentary drove me to research FoxNews. Though not that I normally rely on a leftist hole for research, I ended up at Wikipedia, looking over a page on Bill Sammon.

    I see Bill is charged with painting news words and messages, coverage or no. I pegged him as the influence for O’Reilly and Beck rather quickly.

    Then researching further, I spotted a short video showing O’Reilly lied on air about the Obama Connecticut SSN:
    (use video with 4/13/11 date).

    In my books, Beck and O’Reilly were influenced too significantly by Bill Sammon.