Barack Obama Jim Wallis: Obama Christian Marxist Spiritual Advisor – America An Unjust Society

In this video, one of Obama’s Christian “spiritual” advisors, Reverend

Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis, tells an audience identified as the Hope Forum in the UK, that America is an unjust society. Most American Christians are steeped in consumerism – and that’s why we are in decline. It’s unclear whether he is saying America is in decline, or most American Christians are in decline. See the video below.

Glenn Beck has some background on Jim Wallis and in March 2010 quoted him:

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Are you then calling for the redistribution of wealth in society?

WALLIS: Absolutely, without any hesitation. That’s what the gospel is all about.

He claims that the gospel of Jesus Christ is about a central government taking money from individuals and then distributing it the way they see fit.

BECK: Christians, you know better than that. You know better than that…When did Christ ever preach about taking away our free will? You see — at least my understanding here, Reverend, is that’s the other side’s plan. Forcing people to do the right thing, that’s the devil’s way. That’s the Marxist, communist, socialist, progressive way. That is the kind of “social justice” they speak of. Not me.

Then Beck quotes Wallis speaking about Marxist Dorothy Day:

Note: there is a heavy dispute about identifying Day as a ‘Marxist,’ but Wallis’ comment below is not in dispute.

WALLIS: My Dorothy Day story happened in Chicago. She was just leaving as we were coming on the scene. So we were living in Chicago.

So I ran 20 blocks. And in the parlor of the Catholic Worker
— and in walks the great lady. Dorothy wrote a book about her life called “Love is the Measure.” But she wasn’t ever soft. Very tough.

So you’re a radical student like me, right? You’re a Marxist like me, right? Yes.

How many Christian Marxists do you know? I know none, although now that I’m thinking about it, my very few Liberal Christian friends might actually be Marxists. The is, our Christian community must consider that we have an enemy within.

Wallis is the founder and editor of Sojurners magazine and the movement of the same name. One last question: as a spiritual advisor to the President of the United States, are taxpayers paying to send Jim Wallis abroad and across the U.S. to condemn America? Conservative Pup explains what she believes Jesus would do and say about stealing from others for any reason. This is an excellent and thoughtful article on the subject of charity as opposed to redistribution of wealth, which consumes Jim Wallis’ time and heart. I hope you will visit Conservative Pup and please feel free to join the discussion on her blog or mine,  of charity and redistributed wealth.

Jim Wallis in UK: America an Unjust Society (video)

  • The self-loathing that is behind the marxist left is unbelievable. So many people like to say America is “unjust.” Perhaps true, but more just than anyplace in history. Where is the “just” world they talk about? In the Islamic world? Wonderful women’s rights there. Africa, the continent of slavery and genocide? Where is this “just” world they talk about?

    (My apologies for my angry tone here, but I’m tired of people attacking our country when they have no clue what they’re talking about.)

    • Country Thinker, in comments at my place, many of us are angry about this topic. I don’t believe we are an unjust country. I do believe in our courts, if you are unlucky enough or foolish enough to end up in one, justice is not guaranteed, elsewhere, the opportunity to live in a just society is huge. We are hugely benevolent people, and the charity coming from those like you and me is staggering.

      The Left cannot qualify the Islamic world as a good place to live, yet can stand strong for Sharia Law and the religion of peace. What hypocrites.

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  • I think we definitely have ‘enemies’ within our Christian churches. The Methodist church, which I’ve loved and been a member of since high school days, has a very Marxist-sounding stand on several issues. Fortunately, that is coming from the official higher-ups in church hierarchy, and not from the individual small-town preachers and ministers that I have the pleasure of knowing. I am hoping that in the coming years we will see a gradual shift in official ‘policies’ of the Methodist church, but even if that is not to be, there are many of us Methodists who will not be following their stances.

    It is most concerning that the radical left/marxists have apparent control of our government, most of the media, education, and more and more, our Christian institutions. Lot of hard work ahead of us, but we do know that God wins. Sooner or later, God wins. In the meantime, I will try to do my part.

    Linking to this today. Great post!

    • Pup, I’m also a member of a large Methodist church in Tulsa. It is a very conservative church. I remember just after we moved into a new building, our pastor attending one of the major meetings, and thought something unpleasant was going to be insisted upon. He told us if that happened, he would be leaving the church and told us we could follow and we would end up somewhere. That unpleasant thing did not happen but…

      The Mother Church is very, very liberal and I have a huge problem giving my money to my church which then must send a portion of it to “Mother,” who then sends a portion to the National Council of Churches – an evil, evil Council.

      Do you ever read the Concerned Women for America (CWA) website? If not, it’s a great way to keep tabs on the NCC.

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  • Maggie, that’s good to hear that a large metropolitan church is conservative too. A relief, actually. Thanks for sharing that, and thanks for pointing me to CWA; I did not know about them, and will add them to my reader. Thanks!