Another Day Another Czar: Obama Appoints Leak Analyzer Czar Russell Travers

Obama has created a new Czar position to investigate how WikiLeaks got hold of the private conversations of diplomats. Russell Travers, the deputy director of the National Counterterrorism Center, will serve as senior advisor for “information access and security policy,” better known as the Leak Czar, or maybe the Official Leak Analyst Czar.

The White House says Travers will lead the effort to develop reform. WhoRunsGov says Travers is already a very busy man with a daunting job. His current title before the Czarship is Deputy Director for Information Sharing and Knowledge. He reports to Michael E. Leiter, whose department was the first to be blamed for the 2009 Christmas Day bombing attempt:

Travers is in charge of navigating the flood of terrorism-related data that has been arriving at U.S. agencies since the 9/11 attacks. He maintains the government’s database of terrorist entities, tracks worldwide terrorist incidents and coordinates terrorism information-sharing initiatives.

Travers has been described as the “maintainer” of the government’s database of terrorists, and a coordinator of terrorism information-sharing iniatives – been involved in intelligence for 30 years, including working for the CIA.

  • A leak czar eh? I would have thought he would go with Leahy, he knows all about top secret leaks……..

  • So, the guy who couldn’t find the Fruit-of-Kaboom bomber in *his* inside database is going to find out how a 21 year old Army Private singing Lady Gaga tunes stole state secrets illegally. I suggest he start with the obvious – incompetence in IT operations and the chain of command. Today SecDef identified “improvements” being implemented that fall under the heading “you weren’t doing that already? Huh?”

    See here –
    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

    • LibertyAtStake: I’ve noticed that no one is ever responsible to anyone – especially in the State Department which has been engaged in sabotage of this country repeatedly since the Clinton admin exited and Bush failed to boot them.

      I am very dubious about our higher echelon desk-jokey Army (not the troops). Sometime I wonder if they don’t disdain themselves the same way Obama does. Too many leaks, too many weaknesses like the Ft. Hood massacres.

      We know that Counterterrorism hasn’t had a serious thought about terrorists – ever, because they refuse to profile. Your observations are right on targe.