Afshan Azad (Padma Patil) Threatened by Father Brother

Afshan Azad who played Padma Patil in one of the Harry Potter films, and appeared in three others, was threatened with death by her father and brother for dating a Hindu man. She escaped out of a bedroom window. The brother, Ashraf Azad, says his father planned to kill his sister so that he, the brother, would not have her blood on his hands. In other words, date a non-Muslim man and there is simply no good reason to spare your life. See a video below.

Afshan Azad (Padma Patil in Harry Potter)

Afshan refused to show up in court. The judge released the men with no charges of guilt, saying to the father “you have got to be of good and peaceable behaviour towards your daughter.”

Afshan Azad was born in Britain and the family still lives there. A father has every right to be concerned about who his little girl is dating, but only in a Muslim country does he have the right to kill her…in fact, has an obligation to kill her in many Islamic countries. Miss Azad will likely regret her failure to confront her family in court, unless she is wise enough to never see them again. This report indicates she’s not that smart.

Afshan Azad (Padma Patil) (video)

  • This is so sad. A beautiful young lady works hard and gains success only to have the ignorant, hating, hideous cavemen in her family threaten her life. They should be loving her and celebrating her success, but instead the bigoted bastards demean, degrade and debase her.


    Those who claim to be for womens rights are too busy mouthing platitudes about “religion of peace,” etc.

    I know this was in Great Britain, but I must again ask, why are we allowing third-world Muslims to immigrate?

    Everybody (including our Muslim Americans) were getting along just fine here before 9/11, but somehow, we’ve let all these radicalized or fundamentalist people in. It sickens me that we’ve had a few “honor killings” right here in the USA.

    We should not be allowing Muslims to immigrate. Sorry, but we are obviously incapable of sorting the good ones from the bad ones, so for the sake of our society, no more Muslim immigration. Our cultures are not compatible.