Whoopi Goldberg Observations

Observations: For some reason I left the television on Fox when Whoopi Goldberg walked onto Huckabee’s stage tonight. About 10 words later  I was reminded of the limits of my short temper. She told Huck she does not regret one single word she has ever said on The View – not one. But she does regret bloggers. She regrets them with a passion, and she would really like to shut us up. I think this is at the heart of her new book. She doesn’t like anyone on the InterTubes writing or commenting anonymously. Huh uh – not a bit.

Whoopi Goldberg

Well, it’s lovely that Whoopi is a big star and has several platforms from which to rant when she feels like it. I don’t have that. How about you?

She said, you know, these people are dangerous. They could be stalking you. [Keep in mind I’ve paraphrased].

When you or I blog, with or without using our real names, we don’t have a posse following us. When Whoopi wants her own posse, she can hire one, or get her studio to hire one for her.

I know hundreds, and probably more, bloggers who dare not use their own names because they are talking about about serious and sensitive matters. We have no one to follow us around as we go about our day, and we certainly don’t have a podium, except for the Internet.

So get over it, Whoopi (or get over yourself). Bloggers in general do not stalk. Commenters in general do not stalk. She knows we can be found easily enough, should there be a need to find SweetPetuniaDiva, or WildMan2010, or [fill in the blank here].

Whoopi had a stage to tell us child rapist Roman Polanski’s rape of Samantha Geimer wasn’t “rape-rape.” The girl was 13 years old and she was drugged. Goldberg’s defense was unconscionable, in my opinion, but she made it on nation-wide television. She had her platform to say what she wanted. Not a word of  her opinion was any more important or accurate than that of an anonymous blogger.

And how about this? Why didn’t Huckabee ask Whoopi about that?

Just like a Liberal. They want everything to their own advantage. Reminds me of Rosie O’Donnell and her aggressive stance against private gun ownership. Her personal bodyguards were armed.

While people like Whoopi go about trying to silence us, many celebrities in Hollywood and New York support Obama’s plans for the FCC. Michael Copps, a commissioner and chairman until late June, 2010 thinks net neutrality is the way to go, and a couple of years ago, with a conference audience of Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Senator Bernie Sanders, Bill Moyers, Helen Thomas and Jessie Jackson, they devised the FCC Media Contract of 2007…to clean up our news. Here are/were a few of their goals:

We expect these:

1) a right to media that strengthens our democracy

2) A right to local stations that are actually local

3) A right to media that looks and sounds like America

4) a right to news that isn’t canned and radio playlists that aren’t for sale

5) A right to programming that isn’t so damned bad, so damned often.

Note No. 2. Obama’s transition appointment of D.C. attorney Henry Rivera put a man in place who believes “communications” is a “civil rights issue,” and “Social Justice” is the answer. The short story is, he planned to end local broadcast licenses and give them to Blacks, Hispanics and women. Rivera was replaced because of client conflicts, and his ties to the Communications industry. There is no reason to believe, however, that the agenda has changed. The commissioners are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate. Today there are 3 Democrats, one of which is Copps and two Republicans.

So who decides what America “look” and “sounds” like? And who decides who can speak/write/blog and who cannot? I refuse to let it be Whoopi Goldberg, or Jessie Jackson or Jane Fonda. So when Whoopi takes her show on the road to tout her new book, think about emailing the shows interviewing her and protest her whiney viewpoint. There’s method to this current round of propaganda beyond the sale of books.

  • The only power these people have is the power we give them. What bothers me is the people who continue to appear on their shows or those that watch them on TV.

    Their reward for being obnoxious and disgusting (can you say Bill Maher?) is complete coverage by the media – including us.

    Why do we insist on hanging on every word that comes out of their mouths?

    • Adrienne, only one excuse I can think of to answer your question, the more we hear from them, the more warning we have.

  • If Whoopi wants me to shut up so badly, here’s what she can do:

    Shut up, Whoopi. It’s folks like you that make me blog in the first place.

    Easy enough. That having been said, I’m totally opposed to shutting off anyone’s POV. If the idiots don’t make themselves visible by shooting off their mouths, how will we know who we have to work against?

    • Hi Kelly, yeah, she’s a piece of work and Huckabee just let her do it.