Welcome to the All New Maggie’s Notebook

Today I took a very big step and moved Maggie’s Notebook from Blogger to WordPress. I think you will find the all-new-Maggie’s Notebook much cleaner and more pleasing to the eye, easier to navigate and easier to find recent posts that may be of interest.

I certainly did not do this by myself. Friend, website designer, pastor, blogger and podcaster, Jeremy Sarber, has done a major work here. He installed the theme, migrated almost 4,000 posts and it appears the links are still live. He also started me off with a bevy of wonderful features.

Other essential help came from Karen at The Lonely Conservative and LD at Political Realities. I could not have made this move without their gentle nudges and offers of assistance, as well as ChicagoRay – on hiatus from blogging at this moment, but he has long encouraged me to “move on,” and was very generous with his time when I needed a blog “fixer.”

If you have commented at Maggie’s Notebook in the past, I have lost all of my commenting history, but eventually decided it was worth letting-go. The old system was a thorn in the side of many. You’ll find the new system very user-friendly.

This will be a work in progress. If you see odd things, like more than one ‘tweet’ button inside a post, please ignore it. I know there are kinks to be worked out. I hope you will leave some feedback about the new features and visuals, whether you like them or not. Please share you opinions with me. After several months of blogging problems at the old site, including a frustrating election season, I’m ready to blog about our new Congress.

If this is your first time to visit Maggie’s Notebook, thank you for coming, and if you have found your way here from the original site, thank you so much for continuing to visit.

Thanks to Norm at Storm’n Norm’n for the great graphic.

  • Hey Maggie! Love the new site! I’m glad to see you’ve worked out the kinks. Let me know if you have any other questions. Welcome to the world of independent blogging!

    • Thank you Karen. Couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Good luck with the new blog site. It looks great!

    • TCL – thanks so much for coming by. My apologies for not being out-and-about more. When I posted, everyone got spammed, so I went out of town until Jeremy Sarber could get my theme up and the posts migrated. Things should return to normal LOL – whatever that is!

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  • jo

    Maggie, I adore your new home! I’m sure you’ll be very comfortable here!
    You and your friends have done an amazing job!
    So glad you’re back and without the ‘problems, kinks’. 🙂

    • Hi Jo, I’m so glad you like it. Yes, my friends out-did themselves…probably tired of hearing me whine about spamming everyone:-)

  • You can call me impressed.

    I hate doing all the techie stuff and so everything for me stays the same. Sigh…

    • Adrienne, thank you! I kept my blogger blog for three years. It was a big step to move.

  • This is great Maggie. Very nice, and welcome to self hosted WordPress! It does blow blogger out of the water.

    • I think it does, Matt. Now that I’m actually doing it, it doesn’t feel so dreadful – in fact it feels great.

    • Matt, I thought I responded to this morning. I’m still learning this great new comment feature.

      WP does do just what you said. I’m getting over my nervous jitters the more I use it.

  • Your new site looks great. I’ve already subscribed. I hope your transition goes smoothly and that you’ll soon feel all moved in.

    • Beth, I just visited your site and it is beautiful. Thank you so much for commenting here and for subscribing.

  • What a professional site Maggie- WOW

    Not only is it handsome, but the columns of posts is fabulous- I’m going to poke thru a bit more now, sure love it at 1st glance

    And how did you afford a desk like that on AdSense money? lol

    • RR, my friend Storm’n Norm’n provided the beautiful desk. He has a great blog So glad you like the new place! I like the ‘column’ feature too.

  • Great site, like the new look and all that is here. I have thought about
    moving PC but now is not the time as life is just a tad bit complicated
    right now.

    • PatriotUSA, it is a very big decision, but it does take resolving that you are willing to do it, and have time to do it. It is not nearly as difficult as I expected it to be though, but I had wonderful help.

  • Way to go, Maggie. The new site looks great. Glad to see you finally made the move.

  • Looking good, Maggie!

    • Donald, thank you so much for visiting and commenting!

  • Looking good Maggie, duly added to my blogroll.

    • Thanks Christoper for visiting and taking the time to change “my details.”

  • WOW!! Impressive the new site, Maggie. Of course, I will continue to visit you here. 😉
    And I will update your link as soon as possible!

  • Love the new site, Maggie. Keep up the great work.

    • Kelly, I’m at your place now. OMgosh, how wonderful is this video you have up. Everyone here, stop by Kelly’s Drive-by Thinking and watch this wonderful video of the amazing Hallelujah in a Macy’s in Philadelphia. What a great way to start the holidays.

      Thanks so much for visiting, Kelly.

  • Really nice place you’ve got here Maggie. I just updated my blogroll. Congratulations on your very own dot com!

    • Robot, thanks so much for changing the details of my site. I know that’s a hassle when managing so many. Yes, my own dot com – there’s a story behind that. I should blog about it.

      • I would be interested to read it. 8^)

  • Oh Maggie, you are braver than I am. Glad you made the change. Everything looks great. So you purchased your direct URL, that’s a big step. I hope the monthly cost is not to high. I’ve never checked into it. I only pay $4.95 a month for TypePad and I don’t get a direct URL for that, ha.

    • Debbie, you and I have already discussed this by email, but for anyone else wondering, I registered it with Register.com in 2006, then never used it. For 3 years I have paid them $37-$39 annually, I thought for the name. My new host, iPage clued me that I did not have to buy it, I had only to move it. That turned out to be true, although Register.com was not helpful in informing me.

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  • Ta-Dah! Congrats. Looks good.
    All the best Liberty Belle!

    • OK… How do I have my WorpDress avatar show?

      • Ran, I believe that you need to visit Gravatar.com to upload one that follows you to enabled websites. It’s easy.

    • Thank you Ran. I just adore the ‘Liberty Belle’ moniker, as you know. Did going to Gravatar take care of your avatar problem? I have my Liberty Bell there, and it does, indeed, follow me around.

  • BTW Maggie,I like the RSS recently posted thing. Nice feature.

    • Robot, that is CommentLuv. LD steered me in their direction along with Specu.la comments.

  • Looking good Maggie. Best of luck.

  • The site looks great Maggie. See, I told you it would be better and that you could do it.

  • LD, you certainly DID encourage me to move on. It is so much better, and as you know, I could not have done it without you. That white banner was terrible, and thanks to you I have my fav brown now. Also, I do love Specu.la and CommentLuv. Thanks much for the tip.

  • Great looking site Maggie. Very clean and sharp. Good job! Right Hand Man and myself plan on making a major change in the near future. I just hope it comes out as well as yours.

  • Dear Maggie: Site does look great! You may be one of the pioneers. Looks like there’s going to be a great westward migration to WordPress soon!

  • Very impressive Maggie, top notch as is everything you do!

    • Randy, what a nice and kind comment. Thank you.

  • Maggie it looks wonderful. WordPress certainly is outclassing Blogger and eventually we all might have to move.

    • Faultline, so glad you like it. You know, you were my very first mentor and I will always be grateful.

  • Chicago Ray

    Looks familiar! nice job and pleasing on the eye as well as the mind. Thanks for the nod and nice work Maggie.

    • Hi Ray, thank you! I’d to link one of your blogs, but you’ll have to help me figure out the sign-in. If not now, I’ll pay you back later:-)

  • Wow!!! Love it Maggie! Fantastic site and welcome to the WordPress family. Look forward to watching it grow!

    • Jake, I just tried to comment at your place. The captcha isn’t showing, but I cannot leave the comment without it. Just an FYI.

  • Thank you Jake, so glad you like it. Thank you for visiting.

  • Looks fantastic, Maggie! Yay! I love the front page and in just a second, i’ll know how the commenting goes…haha. Glad to have you back, Maggie.

    • Holger, so glad you like it. Do you think the commenting is easier than Echo? I hated Echo? Have I mentioned that I hated Echo?

  • Okay, so it looks like i gotta get me an avatar – that last comment, my avatar looks like a shot of Michelle Obama’s mouth. And apparently I didn’t uncheck the blog pimping feature LOL Thanks for all you do, Maggie

    • Hey Holger, it’s not blog pimping. I love having the link with the comment. It’s a good thing.

      Yeah, I didn’t have a lot of choice when I had to choose an avatar for those not having one. Do you have one from Gravatar.com. It’s a good place.

  • I’m late getting here because of computer problems, which have finally been resolved, I hope.

  • wow, maggie. it looks very impressive over here. nice job & congratulations!