Velma Hart Loses Job: Hart Exhausted of Defending Obama, Rewarded with Unemployment and Food Stamps

Velma Hart, the woman who told Obama she was exhausted from defending him, and asked if this is her “new reality,” has lost her job as Chief Financial Office of Am Vets. See the video below. The President told her he wanted to reward her. Perhaps he meant with unemployment and food stamps. I don’t think that’s quite what Velma had in mind. See two videos below – one from Rush.

Mrs. Hart created a firestorm when she had the chance to ask Obama a question in a Townhall-like setting. As usual, Obama had no answer for her, but he did praise her for her responsible lifestyle, and told her “it’s people like you that we want to reward.” That’s just so wrong, so wrong. It isn’t the government’s place to reward any of us, and it is certainly not the government’s place to pick and choose who gets rewarded with my money and yours.

I understand Mrs. Hart’s exhaustion. I’m sick and tired of trying to explain who this president of her’s really is. She can’t be anymore exhausted than I. Now she has been laid off, like many others before her, and just maybe she will express her outrage the next time she goes to the polls…NOT – take a listen to the second video.

Velma Hart Loses Job

Rush Limbaugh on Velma Hart and Damage Control

Photo courtesy of FrontPageMagazine