US Human Rights Reviewed by Cuba Iran Korea

Barack Obama joined the U.N. Human Rights Council in 2009 and thus put us on the road to “universal periodic review” of this country’s human rights.

For several hours, some 56 countries took to the podium and condemned the U.S.  Unbelievably, the hate for our republicanism is so intense, many “stood in line overnight to be near the top of the list of speakers.

Cuba said the U.S. blockade against them is a “crime of genocide.” They harangued us about our “violations against migrants,” and they didn’t forget our rampant brutality against our mentally ill. We were advised to feed our people and keep them healthy.

Iran is deeply concerned by “systematic widespread violations” in the U.S. and warned us about our abuses against women.

North Korea wants us to take care of our “housing inequalities,” and prohibit violence of law enforcement.

Libya points to our “racism.

In the Bush years, the U.S. delegation refused to join this farcical Commission, populated by the most heinously cruel human rights violators on the planet.

The Obama administration could not wait to subject us to the scrutiny of tyrants. Now they have until  Tuesday to accept or reject the recommendations also coming from Russia, Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia:

The whole list of criticisms and recommendations, as well as our response, will be put together in a document distributed globally by the U.N. for the edification of America-bashers around the world.

The United Nations is a pit of vipers. We stroke them and coddle them, and fund their atrocities. We make a mockery of our own democracy by acknowledging their right of communist and totalitarian states to address the human rights of any other country. While their people starve, are tortured in prisons for speaking out about their oppressors, live with no electricity, have their children taken from them, and see women so unspeakably abused  – we submit to their scrutiny. Why would we join this hateful coalition?

At some point we must pull out of the United Nations, and form a body of true democratic countries. The sooner the better. Maybe the next President will have a heart for the benevolence of the U.S. and move to dump this obscene United Nations.