US Gives Another $150M to Palestine

Hillary Clinton announced another $150 million to Palestine, bringing our total aid to $600 million this year. The story is that the $150 million will be used by the Palestine Authority to pay-down debt. Wonderful news, huh? The U.S. builds debt by helping others diminish theirs. Will any of this $150 million be diverted to purchase weapons? How naive are we, and speaking of the naivete of Americans, when will we demand that taxpayer funds stay in the U.S., at least until our fiscal disaster is corrected. Now is the time to shut down redistributing our wealth to the world. Source: Voice of America

  • When are we going to get rid of these spendaholics, like Obama, Clinton, Reed, B.Frank, you name it – rotton bunch. Sooner rather than later I pray & hope.

    • ljcarolyne, I don’t think spending will stop when it comes to Palestine…ever. As you say, it’s “rotten.” As for spending in general, if Republicans can not put a stop up that will hold, and do it quickly, we’re lost.

  • Maggie . . What would happen if we told the desert arab Palestinians no more money – none – unless you stop pestering Israel? We seem to be giving them millions they tell us is for humanitarian aid – but in fact they use to buy arms to attack Israel. Isn’t this rather stupid?

    • Not only is it stupid, it is evil. We are supporting terror groups, that war against us and Israel. Hitlary could care less.

      HITLARY SURE LOOKS OLD, RODE HARD AND PUT UP WET. That’s what living for the devil does for you. LOL

      • ljcarolyne, I’m still in shock that she took this job. No matter what, in 2012 it will not look good that she supported him. The job has to be harrowing, and let’s face it, at her age it is much harder for a woman to look well and rested than it is for men.

    • Old Man, oh yes it’s stupid to you and to me, but to the Left, it’s sacred. There is no such thing as humanitarian aid in Palestine, it’s buying the people. The Pals keep the people hungry, then feed them enough to keep them alive and tell them there would be plenty if Israel perishes.

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