Thomas Sawyer’s Bladder Cancer Urostomy Bag Broken in Pat-Down

Thomas Sawyer went through the scan at the Detroit airport. His urostomy bag from a previous surgery prompted a pat-down, during which the TSA agent violated the seal, the bag broke and Mr. Sawyer was suddenly covered in his own urine.

Sawyer, a Special Ed teacher said he had to insist that he be patted-down in private. He tried to explain that he was a bladder cancer survivor and had a urostomy bag that had a seal to keep urine from leaking. The TSA agents were not interested, and they broke the seal.

On his way to a wedding in Orlando, Sawyer said he was humiliated and crying, and had to board the flight wet, soaked in his own urine – then wait until the flight was in the air and he could enter the toilet to try to clean up.

Sawyer wears pants two sizes too large in order to accommodate the medical equipment he wears. He’d taken off his belt to go through the scanner and once in the office with security personnel, his pants fell down around his ankles. “I had to ask twice if it was OK to pull up my shorts,” said Sawyer, “And every time I tried to tell them about my medical condition, they said they didn’t need to know about that.”

Mr. Sawyer, along with all of us, is the victim of our government practicing politically correct Islam. There has to be another way. Thomas Sawyer’s story could be yours or mine.

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  • What a disturbing story……..
    Glad to your back up Maggie!

    • Thank you Randy. It’s still touch and go. I’ve been told things may be slow until about tomorrow this time. As this point, I’ll take that because I don’t have a choice.

  • That’s sickening. The TSA needs to be reined back.

    • Hi Proof, from here it’s hard to see how they dial back. I think they’ve dug in. This next week may have some answers. In the meantime we have to pray an incoming plane from Amersterdam doesn’t blow.

      • I think they have to find a way. The American people will not put up with this kind of treatment. Perhaps as a secondary screening, but not for everyone indiscriminately.

  • Heard this early this morning as it is a local story here in MI. This is just dispicable
    behavoir by these TSA agents it is really almost beyond belief.

    • Christopher, this man was very courageous. He supplied a photo. He didn’t just slam the door on inquiry as many of us might have done.

  • Poor man, I was horrified to hear his story. I hope the TSA learns some good manners and SOON.

  • I think this TSA situation may lead to the civil disobedience we have needed for some time.

    • Trestin, that could happen. It won’t be pretty in airports this week.

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