Steven Piper Jenni-Lyn Watson: Steven Piper Arrested for Murder of Jenni Lyn Watson

Jenni-Lyn Watson’s body was found in Clay, New York today and about an hour ago, her boyfriend of 18 months, Steven Piper, turned himself in to police. He was arrested for her murder. See a video below.

Jenni-Lyn Watson

Steven Piper, 21, is a resident of Liverpool, New York. Piper is charged with second-degree murder. District Attorney William Fitzpatrick said they knew “early on” that foul play was likely in Ms. Watson’s disappearance. She disappeared from her parents home on Friday morning after returning home from college for the holidays. According to the D.A., Piper was in the home on Friday during the morning hours.

This report says Piper is denying any involvement in Jenni-Lyn’s death. Authorities do not believe Watson, who was only 20 years old, left the home alive. Her coat, purse and keys were found inside still inside the house. They believe Piper removed the body using his Volkswagen, took her to Clay Central Park and “dumped her like garbage….”

A dark pick-up truck was seen in the area of Watson’s home, and early-on police were looking for it, but now say they believe it was not a factor in the crime, although her cell phone provided the information to authorities that the Clay Centra Park area should be searched.

Apparently Jenni-Lyn wanted to end the relationship with Piper in October, who is believed to have been an on-again, off-again boyfriend. Watson is a ballerina and dance major in her Junior year at Mercyhurst College in Erie, Pennsylvania. Piper will be incarcerated without bail and charges may be ungraded or downgraded as necessary. In the video below you’ll hear Jenni-Lyn’s friends described Piper as “stalker-ish.”

Jenni-Lyn Watson Murder. Stephen Piper Arrested

  • Isn’t this awful? We heard about it on our way home. I can only imagine what her family is going through. I have some friends that live in their town, with kids that go to Liverpool High. What a terrible tragedy for the whole community.

    • LC, it is terrible. We had this happen to so many promising young women. Think of all those we haven’t heard about. It IS a terrible tragedy.