Steve Buyer Blasts Acting Speaker Laura Richardson

Trying to protest a bill bypassing the Committee process, Congressman Steve Buyer (R-IN-4th) attempted to be recognized on the floor of the House by acting Speaker, Rep. Laura Richardson (D-CA) with no one objecting but Richardson. Richardson looks lost as to how to handle Buyer whom she seems to desperately want to keep off the floor. Frustrated and more, Buyer rightly said: “this is why the people have thrown you out of office.” It’s a great rant and one I’d like to hear more of on the floor of the People’s House.

Steve Buyer

“Is treating another member with dignity so hard Madame speaker?”

Notice how ‘vacant’ Richardson appears, while trying to get instructions from someone. This embodies today’s real Progressive Democrat.

Rep. Steve Buyer: This is Why the People Have Thrown You Out!

Thanks to Riehl World View