Smitty at The Other McCain Deploys to Afghanistan

I know my readers are very familiar with The Other McCain (ToM) where Stacy McCain rolls, and Smitty, otherwise known as Chris Smith, is the amazing blogger side-kick. We learned this week that Smitty is deploying for Afghanistan as a Navy reservist.

Smitty (Chris Smith) Deploys to Afghanistan

In this inspirational post, Smitty explains why the Navy goes to land-bound Kabul, Afghanistan and what he will be doing there until the end of 2011, which does not include blogging.

Smitty is one of those really, really nice guys you hope to find, but seldom do, at really, really successful blogs (successful enough to reach 5 million hits this months). I have only corresponded with him occasionally and only in the last few months, but he has been incredibly supportive and offered a piece of great advice: “move from Blogger to WordPress pronto,” which I did, but not so “pronto.”

There are many people who know Smitty in the blogsphere much better than I. Here are a few of the tributes and farewell’s, but read Smitty’s own first:

Lynn R Mitchell: Smitty deploying to Afghanistan

The Lonely Conservative: Smitty – an Officer and a Gentleman

No Sheeples Here: Smittyvators, and a new one: Sometime They’ll Give a War and Nobody Will Come

Ran at Si Vis Pacem tells us of another fine blogger in Air Force duty, making his way to Europe in service of our country. Ran promises to keep the beer chilled.

Mind Numbed Robot: Fedora’s Secret Revealed (Ssshh) (thanks for the graphic Robot and The TrogloPundit who has a poignant post as well)

Obi’s Sister: Smitty to Deploy

Also, an interesting December 2009 interview at American Glob.

UPDATE: Don’t know how I missed this one: Bon Voyage, Smitty: Denise Richards from American Perspective

While not blogging daily until he deploys sometime before Christmas, The Other McCain’s Smitty says he has a couple of projects in the works – you’ll want to read what and when. Then this:

I’d ask that you make this the single most linked post in this blog’s history

So I am late with my linkage (which I would have done without the asking) after being out-of-town, as well as bringing my new blog’s home to life this week. If you haven’t yet gotten word of Smitty’s deployment to your readers, it is not too late to honor him and his services to our country: military defense and defense of conservatism.

Chris (Smitty) you have assured us you will be quite safe in Kabul, but it is Afghanistan after all, and my prayers for your safety, and of those you love back in the States, will wing upward until your return.

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