Site Down Off and On – Banging Head on Desk

Please scroll down for current posts. Readers, today (Sunday 11-19-10) is my first full week to self-host my blog. Earlier in the week my host’s server went down. It lasted a couple of hours. Yesterday it began again but would only load sporadically. This morning is more of the same.  My host tells me this is most unusual – “they” are “working on it.” I’m very hopeful this will be resolved within the next hour in my lifetime. My apologies.

If there are new posts, please scroll down for them.

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  • Maggie,

    Growing pains, my dear…just temporary, I’m sure and the blog itself is looking absolutely stunning. It’ll be okay 🙂

    • I know you’re right Holger, and thanks for the encouraging words:-)

  • It seems okay now. I hope this is the end of your problems with the new site!

    • LC, thanks so much for trying to get on today. I appreciate it.

  • Should I be nervous when I cross over to wordpress?

    • Hi John, no it isn’t a WP issue. It’s my host. They tell me this is rare. So I just got lucky when I chose them I guess. I compared all the hosts, did a lot of work, had several recommended to me. I chose iPage because they have great ratings and I can get my money back at any time, for any reason. I thought the two combined were a great deal. They were very reasonably priced, but that was not a factor, because most of them are inexpensive.

      For the first time today things seem better. I’ve put three posts, while the problem existed, but it took a lot of patience and time.

      I don’t consider myself an unlucky person, so I’m choosing to believe this was, indeed, rare.

  • To err is human. To really F()$% things up takes an computer.

    • Hi findalis, – or a host!

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