Senior Bushs Hope Beautiful Palin Stays in Alaska – Don’t Get TEA Parties

Barbara Bush hopes the “beautiful” Sarah Palin stays home in Alaska. George Herbert Walker Bush doesn’t understand TEA Parties. He’s not shocked at his wife’s comment. It’s likely a well-discussed topic around their dining table. And the senior Bush doesn’t understand TEA Parties. Isn’t Taxed Enough Already clear enough for anyone? History shows us the only way not to be TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY is to be an advocate for constitutional legislation. It’s not that hard. No one should know this better than George Herbert Walker Bush. See the video below.

George H. W. Bush and Barbara Bush

Bush 41 set the bar to the new low when he promised Republicans “read my lips, no new taxes.”  He raised taxes. In some ways, the TEA party movement got an unrecognized start with that event – latent thought it was. It was a very tough lesson for conservatives. How many times have you uttered: “Read my lips, no new taxes?” I’ve shouted it at my television more than once.

Barbara Bush’s comment was rude, and she knew it, and it was sexist. A woman who has had a husband and a son occupy the Oval Office, apparently thinks being “beautiful” is enough. I know she is a bold, out-spoken woman, but she cannot dispute the fact that millions love Sarah Palin. Like it or not, Sarah is on the world-stage. How about letting the voters decide?Surprise! Surprise! Voters know best. It’s a TEA Party thing.

I suggest Mrs. Bush focus her laser tongue on Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Few in the Republican party have damaged conservatism, more than these two. Send them back to Maine, Barbara.

Or how about suggesting loudly what we all knew but no one would say: Barack Obama is a socialist at best, a communist at worst (almost “worst) – ‘please stay home in Chicago.’ Or how about telling John McCain his candidacy would be devastating to this country – so, ‘John, I hope you stay home in Arizona.’ Shame on Barbara Bush.

Thanks to Gateway Pundit

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  • Mike

    He should understand. He came up through the CIA back in the early or at least middle 50’s. He probably met Ike at some point in time..

    • Hi Mike, the only think I can come up with is, it’s their generation. Especially that is so with Barbara.

  • Mike

    Maggie my Mom is 90 plus and even she knows about the Tea Party’s and what they are about. She even knows how to use a computer albiet not as well as us. She gets a little confused and can’t remember how to do things and then gets frustrated that she can’t remember but she sure loves to see all the good jokes and stories and articles and especially the pictures we take and put on-line.
    She also watches Fox cable all day so knows what is going on and happening in the country.

    • You are right Mike, and thank God for your Mom. My Mom turns 89 this week and is as sharp as a tack – plays bridge like a champ. I just believe Barbara, who has never had to provide for herself, has her own ideas of who is good enough to occupy the Oval, and it isn’t Sarah, and it would probably never be her own daughter, even if capable, but who doesn’t aspire to politics, but if….