Sarah Palin The Sorry State of Journalism and Katie Couric

Palin talks with Sean Hannity about the “sorry state of journalism” and whether or not she would interview again with Katie Couric. Can you imagine Mitt Romney saying what you’ll hear in the video below? Or can you imagine any politician throwing down the gauntlet like Palin does – everyday? Chris Christy comes to mind, and maybe Bobby Jindahl, but that’s about it.

Sarah Palin

Fitting nicely into this video below is this discussion about Sarah and feminism at The Other McCain. Thanks to Ran at Si Vis Pacem for the inspiration.

Sarah Palin with Sean Hannity on Katie Couric and “Sorry Journalism” (video)

  • Good for you, Sarah. Katie Couric has been an utter failure at CBS News – because she’s a talk show host masquerading as a news woman/journalist. The problem with America’s journalists today is they all want the “high life” – the acclaim of a Woodward and Bernstein isn’t enough – they all want a nighttime show like Beck or O’Reilly or Olbermann…they want fame and money. Unfortunately for most of these wannabes, they are too stupid to realize that going that route on the Left side of the political spectrum is suicide.

  • Ran

    It’s a good thing Couric doesn’t have the “junk” that just got targeted with a swift kick!!

    PALIN 2012.