Samuel Hengel Dies: High School Hostage-Taker Samuel Hengel Dies

Samuel Hengel, the student who took 24 students and a teacher hostage at Marinette High School in Marinette, Wisconsin has died from a self-inflicted wound.

Samuel Hengel

Samuel’s motive for the standoff and taking his own life, appears to be a mystery to family friends and students who knew him.

After holding the classroom hostage for over five hours, the police heard three shots. They stormed the room and found Samuel Hengel, who then turned a handgun on himself and pulled the trigger.

A longtime family friend who declined to go on camera said he was “the most respectful kid you would ever meet.” Others say his actions were completely shocking.

These stories just seem to keep coming. Samuel’s photo taken for the school yearbook in 2009 shows a smiling, normal-looking boy. He was 15 when he died. We are hearing no stories of a history of depression, or other troubles, but there must be something. Children do not kill themselves without major things going on in their lives. What are we letting happen to our children? Marinette High School is closed today, and I am grateful for a teacher who remained calm, and most grateful that no one else died. What a terrible trauma. Schools should always be “the safe” place. The problem is, we no longer have safe places.