Sam Wolanyk Strips for TSA

The San Diego airport has made news again today. You’ll remember last week a traveler told TSA “if you touch my junk I’ll have your arrested.” Yesterday, Sam Wolanyk refused the scan. He stripped to his jockeys Calvin Klein bike “undergarments,” because he said he “knew what was coming.”

In another event at the Denver airport, an obviously older arthritic man gets his junk touched. Back to San Diego, a TSA supervisor was called and Wolanyk was asked to get dressed.

It was clear to Wolanyk that TSA only wanted him to submit to a pat-down and if they were interested in ensuring the safety of all passengers they would have rifled through his clothes, carry-on baggage and acknowledged that he was not carrying any illegal paraphernalia on his person.

Apparently he refused to put his clothes on. San Diego Harbor Police handcuffed him and “paraded him through two separate airport terminals” in his undies. Wolanyk was charged with two misdemeanors:

The incident was confirmed by Harbor Police Sergeant Rakos who said Wolanyk was arrested on two misdemeanors, “failing to complete the security process; violation code 7.01 and illegally recording the San Diego Airport Authority (they confiscated his iPhone); violation number 714 (2).”

Sam Wolanyk appears in court on January 7th, and airline travelers are being told they could be arrested and charged with disrupting airport security procedure if they take an unauthorized action. I understand the frustration of travelers. I endured a pat-down two weeks ago, but I don’t think this is helpful. However, giving it a second thought, if we all did this, these invasive new rules might be changed.