Rule 5 Friday: A Gorgeous Conservative

I missed the past two Rule 5 Fridays due to travel. Maybe it was a good thing, because I simply could not come up with the “Right” woman. I mean, the selection isn’t huge you know, so when I run out of candidates, I promise not to have a single member of NOW on this blog – but of course none could be a worthy Rule 5, anyway. Today, Angie Harmon, a gorgeous conservative, married to a gorgeous conservative, is my Rule 5 choice. See a video below.

Angie Harmon

I found this fab photo at American Power in a post of March of this year. Donald said it was not an official Rule 5 post, so I hope he will not mind me glomming-on.

Did I hear you ask what the heck a Rule 5 is?

Photo Credit

Photo Credit: Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon is married to former professional NFL player, Jason Sehorn. Both are conservative, and both delivered a speech at the 2004 Republican National Convention.

About Rule 5:   Stacy McCain at The Other McCain came up with 5 rules to make a blog successful. Rule 5 specifically addresses the fact that everybody loves a pretty girl, all politics all the time gets boring after awhile, sex sells, and feminism sucks. If you are new to Rule 5s, let me know what you think. I was given some great advice by the McCain crew – “just have some fun” with Rule 5.

I will be linking other Rule 5 posts around the InterTubes – right here, as I find them, so come back for more. Not every Rule 5-er posts on Friday, so it’s a weekend kind of thing. Be warned (or delighted), some linked below may be a bit more provocative than mine.

American Perspective has a farewell post for Smitty at The Other McCain. I’m not sure it is her official Rule 5 for this week, and if she adds another this weekend, I’ll link it here. For now, here’s American Perspective’s Bon Voyage Smitty. You can read my wishes for this true gentleman as he deploys to Afghanistan. It it in his own words here.

Bob at The Camp of the Saints, a Rule 5 veteran, has this one, and the most current, November 18th Rule 5.

The Other McCain has a Rule 5 of the Prince’s Princess.

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