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I missed posting for Thanksgiving this year, didn’t get to make the rounds to wish my blogging friends and readers a wonderful holiday, and it has been a very long time since I’ve done a round-up of interesting posts – so today is the day. I plan to be more diligent and more frequent in sharing the work of amazing bloggers now that the new blog is up.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone

Hope your day was full of family and friends,

May you have much to be thankful for all year.

Adrienne’s Corner uses my recent post on Medicare to tell her own story and links to a physician’s advice on how to handle your healthcare in today’s New America.

Always on Watch has a simple lesson on Quantatative Easing. This is exactly how you explain what the Feds are doing, to your friends who need to know.

American Perspective examines Net Neutrality, asks some important question and tells us what happened to Democrats – that’s every Democrat – who supported it.

American Power has a video that you wouldn’t dream up in your sweetest dreams. Can you imagine the U.N. admitting that their climate change agenda is all about “redistributing” wealth?

Blog@MoreWhat has a Paul Ryan video of his interview with Charlie Rose, speaking of his hopes for compromise – somewhere.

Conservative Hideout 2.0 points out the new Democrat strategy of repackaging and “calling it something else.” How do you feel about a Democrat “third force” in American politics?

Conservative Perspective has Nigel Farage videos (Farage is a member of the UK Parliament – reminds me of Daniel Hannon) – you can watch any one of them and get the message. The series of videos are titled Tea Party Tribute. In fact, start with No. 2 if don’t have time for all of them.

Doug Ross shows the dire situation Europe is in, and how the FDIC says it will affect you and me. Yes – the FDIC. While the stock market here is holding it’s own, don’t let it lull you into believing we have a chance to get out of this mess without tough decisions.

Founding Bloggers talks about our “yawning” Americans and our repulsion at the thought of actually attacking our own enemies.

Holger Awakens warns of further instability in the Pakistani military, and says a threat may be coming from within.

Hyscience tells us how to be a “digital diplomat” for Israel. I don’t find a permanent URL, but you’ll see the post if you scroll down from here.

I Own the World features a video with Roy Beck of NumbersUSA (Beck is a hero in my opinion) demonstrating the tradition of immigration and illegal immigration, and how we have breached our own traditions. This is a visual demonstration that you won’t forget. Then you have to see this. Really, you have to see it.

Left Coast Rebel has an amazing story of bravery, the story of a Mexican man who fought to the death for his property against the cartels.

Monkey in the Middle has Saturday Funnies, a great graphic and the delightful story of a huge rat.

Moonbattery reports on a call for the “assassination of Tea Party patriots” at the Workers World Party National Conference. See if you can stomach it! We have to because we must know these things are going on around us.

Ol’ Broad offers some “things to consider,” and wonders how many signs we need before…”

Patriot’s Corner has comments about the “mysterious vapor trail” from experts in the field. The discussion was shussshed so quickly, it bears considering what these men/women are saying.

Pirate’s Cove demonstrates the commonality between supermodels and Globull Warming. What? Oh, of course there’s a photo!

Political Realities has an intriguing discussion going on about privacy rights in schools – can cell phones and laptops be confiscated and the contents examined by staff?

Proof-Positive talks about Juan Williams and his view of redistributing wealth that belongs to the government in the first place.

Pundit & Pundett is talking about feminism, men and the TSA, and asks “where are the men of yesteryear?”

Randy’s Roundtable has an astounding post. Can it be true that all Muslims are patted-down in…Mecca, and only Muslims? And have you heard of “Bottom” scanners?

Reaganite Republican has Reagan’s Thanksgiving address from 1985. While Thanksgiving 2010 has come and gone, this is a speech for all time, for everyday. Then don’t miss his Sunday Funnies – and especially this week. Look for Sarah, and “meanwhile Back Home after the Flight. They are my favorites.

Southern Sass on Crime has the heart-rending story of three little boy missing, and the father’s story that he gave them away. The story is happening in Michigan. In the event he hasn’t already buried them somewhere, be on the look-out for these precious little ones.

Storm’n Norm’n looks at gene patent enslavement and reports that this minute, “over 20% of your genetic code is owned by biotech corporations.

The Camp of the Saints gets into Iran and the Mullah’s with this: “at the speed of light, out of a cloud of dust, a worm emerged, shouted ‘Hi Yo Silver!’, and entered an Iranian nuclear facility.”

The Conservative Lady has a video taped at the National Socialist Convention in L.A. on Veteran’s Day. They are talking revolution and U.S. Imperialism.

The Current is asking “where is the outrage?” as we continue to lose freedom and liberty. Was the November 2nd election enough? It’s a a question we must all ask before it’s too late.

The DaleyGator has the run-down of the tensions in the Koreas in an easy to read format.

The Lonely Conservative has an indepth post on how bad the economic picture is for us and the world, and offers up 11 stats that show our fall from economic grace in the past four years.

The republican Mother has the story of how one man beat the higher echelon of the TSA while rank-and-file agents refused to act against the man.

Theo Spark has an interesting graphic on the balance of power between North and South Korea.

The Other McCain has a story of Muslim gang-rape and abuse in Britain that should be a lesson to us all. Be sure to read his closing lines.

Si Vis Pacem has an alert about Asia Bibi and is asking us to keep her in our prayers. I knew nothing about this story. Asia is a Christian woman in Pakistan and she is facing a death sentence for speaking out against Islam.

Western Hero talks about “Liberty,” and the words “libertarian” and “liberal,” – and more importantly this quote: “Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

Wyblog suggests lobbing a few shots at Canada, resulting in U.N. aid to the U.S., as the Leftist organization always hand out dollars to the world’s rogues.

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