NPR Bush Smear: Fake Interview Shows Bush Drinking in White House

NPR aired a fake interview with George W. Bush a few days ago. They pulled Bush’s voice out of his audio reading of his new book, No. 1 on Amazon, and portrayed G.W. as a drunk in the White House. And taxpayers pay for NPR to smear him. How sad and hateful is this?



SAGAL: Thank you, everybody. With President George W. Bush’s memoir, “Decision Points,” coming out this week, naturally we reached out to invite the president on for an interview. Now this was the response we got, for real, from his former press secretary Dana Perino, quote, “That’s hysterical. You guys are so funny,” and then a smiling emoticon. So instead, we’ll be interviewing George W. Bush’s audio book. So welcome to WAIT WAIT, this is a big honor for us. Now, you tell some great stories in the book. Tell us about your first week as president.

SAGAL: Well, yeah, you’ve earned a celebration, I guess. But then you got down to business, right? Tell us what you did next.

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Taxpayer funding desperately needs to be pulled from NPR. They can do what they want to do, but should not be doing it with my money.

  • I smell lawsuit. He really should. This time they went too far.

    Cut taxpayer funds immediately and a lawsuit from George W. Bush will do the rest of the job.

  • I also think he needs to sue, and in doing himself a favor, he will do the taxpayers a favor.

  • Classy, and we’re funding this tripe!

  • This is a good example of what our government has become: Democrat propaganda. I can’t think of anything about our government that is conservative in thought or operation.

  • I have listened to Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me and I understand it is supposed to be a spoof on the news. However, can you imagine the uproar that would be taking place, were this someone like President Obama? They must really hate George W. Bush.

    • LD, this won’t change, and it isn’t a spoof they would ever do to a Democrat. This all stems from the Clinton impeachment, in my opinion. The hate is palpable against Bush and any kind of conservatism. Just think about it, our entire government is Liberal. Every program is Liberal. I’d be willing to bet my lunch 99% of all government employees are Liberal. I don’t know how we waited so long before waking up.